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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Cardiff Aviation

Movements in and out of the Twin Peaks complex for 2018 are as follows.
For 2012-2017 movements see the Archive section on the top dropdown menu.
Complete movements list excel download here

The following listing is split into two, firstly the MRO movements followed by the Airline operations.

Cardiff Aviation Ltd
Aviation maintenance, engineering, technical services and training group launched in 2012 by Bruce Dickinson and Mario Fulgoni.

Reg: G-TAWU Type: Boeing 737-8K5/W
MSN: 37263/4875 Operator: TUI Airways winter lease to Sunwing
Arrived/From: 09/12/18 - Manchester Arrival Flt No: TOM9272
Departed/To: 12/12/18 - CYUL/Montreal Departure Flt No: SWG9935
Picture credit StuC

Reg: G-FDZF Type: Boeing 737-8K5/W
MSN: 35138/2499 Operator: TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 03/12/18 - Birmingham Arrival Flt No: TOM9233
Departed/To: 04/12/18 - Birmingham Departure Flt No: TOM9232
Picture credit IanG

Reg: G-OOBF Type: Boeing 757-28A/W
MSN: 33101/1041 Operator: TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 30/11/18 - Bristol Arrival Flt No: TOM9246
Departed/To: 03/12/18 - Bristol Departure Flt No: TOM9247

Reg: G-OOBN Type: Boeing 757-2G5/W
MSN: 29379/919 Operator: TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 28/11/18 - Bristol Arrival Flt No: TOM9224
Departed/To: 30/11/18 - Birmingham Departure Flt No: TOM9225

Reg: PH-CDE Type: Boeing 737-8KN/W
MSN: 35795/2829 Operator: Corendon Dutch Airlines
Arrived/From: 21/11/18 - EHAM/Amsterdam Arrival Flt No: CND993
Departed/To: 28/11/18 - EHAM/Amsterdam Departure Flt No: CND995
Picture credit StuC

Reg: G-JMCY Type: Boeing 737-4Q8SF
MSN: 25114/2666 Operator: West Atlantic
Arrived/From: 16/11/18 - LFRS/Nantes Arrival Flt No: NPT722P
Departed/To: Current Departure Flt No: -

Reg: PH-CDF Type: Boeing 737-804/W
MSN: 28227/452 Operator: Corendon Dutch Airlines
Arrived/From: 14/11/18 - EHAM/Amsterdam Arrival Flt No: CND993
Departed/To: 21/11/18 - EHAM/Amsterdam Departure Flt No: CND994
Picture credit Malcolm Bradbury

Reg: G-FDZG Type: Boeing 737-8K5/W
MSN: 35139/2538 Operator: TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 12/11/18 - Manchester Arrival Flt No: TOM9277
Departed/To: 12/11/18 - Manchester Departure Flt No: TOM9255
Picture credit IanG

Reg: G-OBYK Type: Boeing 767-3AER/W
MSN: 29617/741 Operator: TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 01/11/18 - Manchester Arrival Flt No: TOM9288
Departed/To: 09/11/18 - EKCH/Copenhagen Departure Flt No: TOM9271
Picture credit IanG

Reg: G-OBYH Type: Boeing 767-304ER/W
MSN: 28883/737 Operator: TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 29/10/18 - Manchester Arrival Flt No: TOM9287
Departed/To: 01/11/18 - ESGG/Gothenburg Departure Flt No: TOM9224
Picture credit StuC

Reg: G-OOBP Type: Boeing 757-2GV/W
MSN: 30394/922 Operator: TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 18/10/18 - Birmingham Arrival Flt No: TOM9289
Departed/To: 19/10/18 - Birmingham Departure Flt No: TOM9227
Picture credit IanG

Reg: G-MISG Type: Boeing 737-3L9
MSN: 27833/2688 Operator: Cello Aviation (ceased ops 12/10/18)
Arrived/From: 12/10/18 - Birmingham Arrival Flt No: CLJ737P
Departed/To: Current Departure Flt No: -

Reg: 9H-MTF Type: Boeing 737-329
MSN: 23774/1443 Operator: Maleth Aero
Arrived/From: 10/10/18 - Bournemouth Arrival Flt No: MLT737M
Departed/To: 15/10/18 - Cardiff Departure Flt No: MLT737M

Reg: G-CPEV Type: Boeing 757-236/W
MSN: 29943/871 Operator: TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 08/10/18 - Manchester Arrival Flt No: TOM9277
Departed/To: 09/10/18 - Birmingham Departure Flt No: TOM9255

Reg: G-OBYF Type: Boeing 767-304ER/W
MSN: 28208/705 Operator: TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 01/10/18 - Manchester Arrival Flt No: TOM8243
Departed/To: 05/10/18 - Manchester Departure Flt No: TOM9227

Reg: G-BNWX Type: Boeing 767-336ER
MSN: 25832/529 Operator: British Airways
Arrived/From: 10/05/18 - Heathrow Arrival Flt No: BAW9276
Departed/To: 19/05/18 - Heathrow Departure Flt No: BAW9279
Picture credit IanG

Reg: G-BZHC Type: Boeing 767-336ER
MSN: 29232/708 Operator: British Airways
Arrived/From: 04/05/18 - Heathrow Arrival Flt No: BAW9270
Departed/To: 10/05/18 - Heathrow Departure Flt No: BAW9275

Reg: C-GMWN re-reg G-TAWN 04/05/18 Type: Boeing 737-8K5/W
MSN: 37251/4369 Operator: TUI Airways (Sunwing lease)
Arrived/From: 02/05/18 - CYYZ/Toronto Arrival Flt No: SWG9936
Departed/To: 08/05/18 - Gatwick Departure Flt No: TOM9267
Picture credit IanG

Reg: C-GWVB re-reg G-TAWB 27/04/18 Type: Boeing 737-8K5/W
MSN: 37242/3917 Operator: TUI Airways (Sunwing lease)
Arrived/From: 25/04/18 - CYYZ/Toronto Arrival Flt No: SWG9986
Departed/To: 30/04/18 - Cardiff Departure Flt No: TOM9829

Reg: G-TAWV Type: Boeing 737-8K5/W
MSN: 41662/5340 Operator: TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 22/04/18 - East Midlands Arrival Flt No: TOM9277
Departed/To: 25/04/18 - Birmingham Departure Flt No: TOM9263
Boeing 737 -800 G-TAWV TUI
Picture credit James Thomas

Reg: G-FDZE Type: Boeing 737-8K5/W
MSN: 35137/2482 Operator: TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 15/04/18 - Manchester Arrival Flt No: TOM9232
Departed/To: 27/04/18 - Manchester Departure Flt No: TOM9017
Boeing 737 -8K5 G-FDZE TUI
Picture credit James Thomas

Reg: C-GSWL re-reg G-TAWL 04/04/18 Type: Boeing 737-8K5/W
MSN: 37243/4299 Operator: TUI Airways (Sunwing lease)
Arrived/From: 03/04/18 - CYYZ/Toronto Arrival Flt No: SWG9974
Departed/To: 06/04/18 - Gatwick Departure Flt No: TOM9250
Picture credit StuC

Reg: N120WF re-reg G-CKUZ 19/04/18 Type: Boeing 737-46J(SF)
MSN: 27213/2585 Operator: International Spray Solutions Ltd
Arrived/From: 27/02/18 - LFMT/Montpellier Arrival Flt No: JTN8007
Departed/To: 21/12/18 - East Midlands Departure Flt No: GCKUZ
Boeing 737 -46J(SF) N120WF Vallair
Picture credit James Thomas

Reg: G-MISG Type: Boeing 737-3L9
MSN: 27833/2688 Operator: Cello Aviation
Arrived/From: 26/02/18 - Liverpool Arrival Flt No: CLJ101
Departed/To: 03/04/18 - Bournemouth Departure Flt No: CLJ101T
Boeing 737 -3L9 G-MISG Cello Aviation
Picture credit James Thomas

Reg: OE-LCE re-reg D-ASTM 04/18 Type: Airbus A321-211
MSN: 1629 Operator: niki to Germania
Arrived/From: 08/02/18 - Liverpool Arrival Flt No: HG126P
Departed/To: 06/04/18 - Norwich Departure Flt No: DASTM
Picture credit StuC
Picture credit StuC

Reg: 5N-BQN Type: Boeing 767-352ER/W
MSN: 26261/575 Operator: Med-View Airlines
Arrived/From: 24-25/11/17 - Lagos-Cardiff-St Athan Arrival Flt No: 5N-BQN
Departed/To: Current Departure Flt No: -
Boeing 767 5B-BQN Med View
Picture credit James Thomas

Cardiff Aviation Malta Ltd

European ACMI/charter company operating on a Maltese AOC. Originally a joint (50/50) venture between VVB Aviation UK and Cardiff Aviation and named VVB Aviation Malta Ltd. The company was renamed Cardiff Aviation Malta Ltd in early 2017.
This operation possibly ceased during 2017.

9H-AMW Boeing 737-4Q8 (26281) ex Goodyear store ..arrived 15/06/16 from Goodyear via Bangor and Keflavik as "9HAMW" titles applied early 12/16 and departed 09/12/16 to Tirana as AWT132 on lease ..returned 07/02/17 from Tirana as AWT133 ..departed 25/02/17 to Djibouti via Larnaca ..returned 07/04/17 from Djibouti via Larnaca as "9HAMW" ..departed 15/04/17 to Djibouti via Larnaca as "9HAMW"  ..believed sold/returned to Aerotron or Air Horizont ..leased to Blue Panorama from 06/17 in hybrid scheme and operated by Air Horizont
VVB Aviation Malta Boeing 737-400 9H-AMW 09DEC16 (Albawings livery) (1)
Picture credit Gerallt Marsh

SX-MAH Boeing 737-405 (24643) ex Luftline Georgia ..arrived 10/03/16 from Tbilisi via Cardiff as 4L-GSN 06/16 as 9H-KAT ..repainted into Air Mediterranean scheme early 12/16  ..believed sold/returned to Aerotron ..departed 06/12/16 to Athens on lease SX-MAH 27/12/16
VVB Aviation / Air Mediterranean Boeing 737-405 ln 1860 9H-KAT
Picture credit Dan Williams

SX-MAI Boeing 737-4K5 (24901) ..arrived 24/06/15 from LIRN/Naples as 9H-HER SGO001 9H-VVB 08/15 ..painted in Air Djibouti scheme early 08/16 and departed on contract 09/08/16 ..returned 28/02/17 ..departed back to Djibouti via Larnaca 10/04/17 ended c05/17 and repainted all white at unknown location ..believed sold/returned to Aerotron ..leased to Air Mediterranean 07/17 and re-reg SX-MAI 24/07/17
Picture credit StuC

ZS-DJI Boeing 767-216ER (23624) ex Aeronexus Corporate ..arrived 07/10/15 from Bournemouth ..planned for Air Djibouti and operated by VVB ..hangared for maintenance ..03/18, outside with reg over-painted ..moved to eCube apron 03/18
Picture credit StuC 

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