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Header Picture: Hunter T.7 XL612/T newly painted in 8 Sqn marks at Horizon Aircraft services, St Athan recently. Ex ETPS & Swansea gate guard (picture Keith Morgan)

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St.Athan - eCube Solutions

eCube Solutions LLP
eCube Solutions
Based in West Camp hangar 208 from early 2012.  Specialise in 'end-of-life' aircraft projects such as storage, dis-assembly and parts/aircraft reclamation. Some a/c spend time with Cardiff Aviation at Twin Peaks.
The following could be seen in 2017.
For 2012-2016 movements see the Archive section on the RH side bar.
Complete movements list excel download here

G-POWI Airbus A320-233 (2791) ex Titan Airways ..arrived 11/12/17 from Stansted for end-of-lease storage
Picture credit IanG

LN-RRD Boeing 737-683 (28301) Ex SAS ..arrived 21/11/17 from Cardiff as SA9122 having diverted there from ENGM/Oslo 20/11/17 due to poor weather at St Athan
Picture credit IanG

LN-TUD Boeing 737-705 (28217) ex SAS ..arrived 16/11/17 from ENGM/Oslo as SAS9121
Picture credit StuC

VP-BDY Airbus A319-112 (2442) Vim Airlines ..arrived 03/11/17 from LKMT/Ostrava on lease-return
Picture credit StuC

LN-RPZ Boeing 737-683 (28293) ex SAS ..arrived 20/10/17 from ENGM/Oslo as SAS9270
Picture credit StuC

G-CELK Boeing 737-330 (23530) ex Jet2 ..arrived 20/10/17 from Leeds-Bradford as EXS031E ..initially to Twin Peaks for engine removal, then to eCube apron
Picture credit StuC

EC-HGR Airbus A319-111 (1154) ex Iberia ..arrived 17/10/17 from LEMD/Madrid as IBE0031
Picture credit StuC

VP-BDZ Airbus A319-111 (2446) Vim Airlines ..arrived 12/10/17 from LTAI/Antalya on lease-return
Picture credit StuC

LN-RCU Boeing 737-683 (30190) ex SAS Scandinavian Airlines System ..arrived 14/09/17 from Stockholm as SAS9115
Picture credit IanG

UR-WRQ Airbus A330-223 (296) ex Windrose Air ..arrived 01/08/17 from Kiev-Boryspil as WRC7001 "Windrose 7001"
Picture credit IanG

SE-DNX Boeing 737-683 (28304) ex SAS Scandinavian Airlines System ..arrived 10/07/17 from Oslo-Gardermoen as SAS9270
Picture credit StuC

EI-FCL Embraer ERJ-190LR (19000201) ..arrived 07/07/17 from Exeter as "EIFCL" (ex Borajet TC-YAI)
Picture credit StuC

ZS-SFN Airbus A319-131 (2501) ..arrived 02/07/17 from FAOR/Johannesburg via a fuel stop at DGAA/Accra as SAA4220 scrapping area c09/17
Picture credit StuC

LN-RRR Boeing 737-683 (28309) ..arrived 22/05/17 from Stockholm as SAS9145

PR-MBP Airbus A320-232 (1215) ..arrived 20/05/17 from Rio de Janeiro via a fuel stop at GVAC/Cape Verde as TAM9950
Picture credit StuC

HB-JMM Airbus A340-313X (154) ex Swiss ..arrived 08/05/17 from Zurich as SWR5190 scrapping area 07/17 
Picture credit StuC

LN-RPB Boeing 737-683 (28294) ex SAS Scandinavian Airlines System ..arrived 21/04/17 from Oslo-Gardermoen as SAS9121 
Picture credit StuC

SE-DOR Boeing 737-683 (28305) ex SAS Scandinavian Airlines System ..arrived 28/03/17 from Oslo-Gardermoen as SAS9121 scrapping area 06/17 and broken up 07/17
Picture credit StuC

2-TYAM Embraer ERJ-190LR (19000403) ..arrived 27/03/17 from Warsaw as "2TYAM" (ex Borajet TC-YAM) scrapping area 06/17
Picture credit StuC

LZ-AWA Airbus A330-223 (255) ex Balkan Holidays ..arrived 17/03/17 from LBSF/Sofia as BGH1001
Airbus A330 -223 LZ-AWA
Picture credit James Thomas

PR-MAR Airbus A320-232 (1888) ex LATAM Paraguay ..arrived 30/11/16 from Rio de Janeiro via GVAC/Amilcar Cabral, Cape Verde as TAM9950 scrapping area 03/17 and broken up 04-05/17
Picture credit StuC

LN-RPS Boeing 737-683 (28298) ex SAS Scandinavian Airlines System ..arrived 28/11/16 from Oslo-Gardermoen as SAS9121 scrapping area 02/17 and broken up 03-04/17
Picture credit StuC

EI-RUC Boeing 737-86R/W (30494) KG Aircraft Rotables ex Transaero Airlines ..arrived 23/11/16 from Istanbul via Shannon for spares recovery/breaking up on behalf of KGAR scrapping area 01/17 and broken up 03-04/17
Picture credit IanG

EI-RUD Boeing 737-86R/W (30495) KG Aircraft Rotables ex Transaero Airlines ..arrived 23/11/16 from Istanbul via Shannon for spares recovery/breaking up on behalf of KGAR scrapping area 03/02/17 and broken up 04-05/17
Picture credit IanG

XV188 Lockheed Hercules C.3A (4206) ..arrived 05/09/13 as "Ascot 719" and stored in the Superhangar ..moved to eCube Solutions ramp c.11/16 minus tail unit and outer wings scrapping area c09/17

LY-VEO Airbus A320-233 (233) ..arrived 03/11/16 from Rovaniemi as NVD9001 "Nordvind 9001"
Pictures credit StuC

HB-JMJ Airbus A340-313X (150) ex Swiss ..arrived 12/10/16 from Zurich as SWR5114 scrapping area 01/17 and broken up 03-04/17 
Picture credit StuC

XV177 Lockheed Hercules C.3A (4182) ..arrived 29/10/13 as "Reynard 1" and stored in the Superhangar ..moved to eCube Solutions ramp 10/16.

XV209 Lockheed Hercules C.3A (4235) ..arrived 25/04/13 as "Ascot 715" and stored in the Superhangar ..moved to eCube Solutions ramp 10/16 scrapping area c09/17
XV209 Hercules
Picture credit Keith Morgan

5H-FJF Airbus A319-132 (2308) ..arrived 20/09/16 from HTDA/Dar-es-Salaam via HEGN/Hurghada as "5HFJF" scrapping area 05/17  
Picture credit Gerallt Marsh

G-BNWY Boeing 767-336ER (25834) ..arrived 02/09/16 from Cardiff as "Speedbird 9150" scrapping area 01/17 ..broken up c05/17, fuselage sections to Kemble 07/06/17
Picture credit IanG

G-BNWW Boeing 767-336ER (25831) ..arrived 05/08/16 from Cardiff as "Speedbird 9151" scrapping area 11/16 ..broken up early 01/17
Picture credit Keith Morgan

XV196 Lockheed Hercules C.1 (4217) ..arrived 04/09/13 as "Omen 2" and stored in the Superhangar ..moved to eCube Solutions ramp mid 2016. Broken-up 2017 and 13' fuselage section to Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, Old Sarum.

XV200 Lockheed Hercules C.1 (4223) ..arrived 18/04/13 as "Ascot 702" and stored in the Superhangar ..moved to eCube Solutions ramp mid 2016.
Hercules C.1s 31 Jul 16
Picture credit James Thomas

5H-FJC Airbus A319-112 (1145) Fastjet ..arrived 13/06/16 from LMML/Malta International as "5HFJC" scrap area and sectioned 10/16, forward fuselage believed to be that seen at Southampton Docks late 12/16
Picture credit StuC

EI-ETI Airbus A330-322 (171) AirCastle Ltd ex i-Fly ..arrived 27/02/16 from Perpignan via Zurich scrapping area 11/16 ..broken up 10/01/17
Picture credit StuC

G-BNLX Boeing 747-436 (25435) ex British Airways ..arrived 11/02/16 from Cardiff as BAW9154, registration cancelled 11/03/16 scrapping area c09/17
Picture credit StuC

RP-C8992 Airbus A320-232 (2137) ex AirAsia Zest ..arrived 17/12/15 from Athens as "RPC8992" (routed Seletar>Hyderabad>Sharjah>Athens) scrapping area 02/16 ..rear fuselage section removed and transported to Cardiff Airport
 22/04/16 for use by the fire service. Upper forward fuselage still present 01/17 and noted at Felixstowe Docks on 03/02/17. 
Picture credit Malcolm Bradbury

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