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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lynx at Barry Comp 28/02/2006

Just noted in the School field opposite the Fire Station was Lynx HAS.3SGM XZ735/-

Thanks to Mike for the heads up

LOG 28/02/2006

EI-DLE RYR883 departed (1100) to Dublin

PH-OFM KLM60Z departed (1125) to Amsterdam

on a spin around at (1615) only others noted were L188 G-FIJR and C206 EI-SBP

MM62210 FA900 "India 2244" just seen departing Cardiff (1840)

At St Athan :-

Hawks XX158, 250 and 338 just seen at St Athan (1230) all 19[R]Sqdn/4FTS/ addition thanks to FatWill is XX315/315 which turned up a bit later

Monday, February 27, 2006

LOG 27/02/2006

Monarch B757 G-MONJ departing after a rugby flight

G-TOYB B737 BMI 2002 landed (1000) - departed (1042)

PH-OFL F100 KLM59Z landed (1005) - departed KLM60Z (1050)

EI-DCP B737 RYR882 landed (1015) - departed RYR883 (1102)

G-SSEA ATR42 6G751 landed (1040)

G-KNNY ATR42 landed (1052)

TF-JXA MD83 JXX407 landed (1100) - departed JXX408 (1138) - landed JXX409 (1345) - departed JXX410 (1435) - landed JXX411 (1640)

G-STRJ AEU551 landed (1105)

G-MAJS A300 MON9203 landed (1155) - landed MON9205 (1600)

G-OBYB B767 BAL816B landed (1200) - departed BAL817F (1302) - landed BAL817B (1555)

G-ORJA Be200 landed (1206)

G-JEBF BAE146 Jersey 8903 landed (1220) - departed Jersey 084P (1304)

G-TOYG B737 BMI2934 landed (1250)

G-MONK B757 MON 9167 landed (1305) - departed (1340) - landed MON9199 (1630)

TC-FBY A320 EIR1934 landed 1315) - departed (1415)

G-TVIP C404 Prestige 2 landed (1330) - departed Prestige 2 (1405)

9H-AEF A320 EIR1922 landed (1350) - departed EIR183P (1455)

G-BPMR PA28 landed (1400)

PH-JCH F100 KLM1065 landed (1410) - departed KLM1066 (1505)

G-MONJ B757 MON9197 landed (1526) - departed (1620)

G-BYAN B757 BAL239B landed (1640)

EI-DHH B738 RYR885 (thanks to Barry)

Noted at St Athan today

Chinook HC.2 ZA709 of 7Sqdn c/s "Vortex 496" about to depart St Athan

Noted at St athan were 7Sqdn Chinook HC.2 ZA709 c/s "Vortex 496" plus Hawks XX315 and XX338 both of 4FTS...thanks to FatWill for the reggies

Sunday, February 26, 2006

LOG 26/02/2006

Noted on the ground at (0715) were G-BYAN, G-TOYG, G-TOYB, G-FIJR, C-GMNC, EI-SPB and the Air Wales fleet.

G-TOYB departed to Malaga (0722)

EI-CSC RYR882 landed (0755) all blue Cable & Wireless colours - RYR883 departed back to Dublin (0840)

G-BYAN BAL081A departed to Malaga (0810)

G-TOYG BMI2641 to Alicante departed (0815)

PH-KLG KLM59Z landed (1055) - KLM60Z departed (1045)

G-BXKB TCX205G landed (1010)

D-APAA PGT787 landed (1015) - departed (2100) to Manchester

CS-DRA BAE125 Fraction 795W landed (1020)

TF-CSB Do328 ISL 201 landed (1025)

G-MARA MON9334 landed (1030) - depart as MON335P to Birmingham (1130)

G-OCIT C208 landed (1042)

G-CCXJ C340 landed (1100)

N5120 Bell 430 into the Heliport (1105) - nightstopping

Premier 06 inbound the Heliport (1115)

HB-VJI LR31 TAG 624 landed (1125) - departed (1850)

G-ONPA PA31 landed (1128)

G-CALL PA23 landed (1132)

G-OBNW PA31 landed (1134)

G-BMKK PA28 landed (1140)

G-ELNX RJ200 landed (1146)

VP-CSN C560 landed (1150)

G-IMGL Be200 PoolEx 2B landed (1153)

G-CDLP AS355 landed (1157) - departed (1740)

G-RVRD PA23 Raven 14A landed (1210)

G-LNTY AS355 to Heliport (1220)

N973BB MU-2 landed (1230)

N29MR C525 landed (1240)

G-EGEE C310 landed (1255)

G-RCEJ BAE125 Emerald 002 landed (1300)

G-DAJB MON334P landed (1730)

G-TOYG BMI2002 landed (1730ish)

G-MONC MON9342 landed (2240) - departed as MON242P (2325)

G-TOYG BMI2972 landed (2320)

Thanks to Mike Freshney for the additions to the log..also i can now provide a log for the Heliport today:-

G-VONF AS355, G-ICSG AS355, G-HBEK A109, G-BTFX Bell206, G-RCOM Bell206, G-LENI AS355 and N5120 Bell 430...Beast!!! Also Present was G-SYPA AS355

Merlin ZH850 WM/62 on board HMS Westminster (Mark Jones)

Thanks to Mark Jones and Mike Freshney i can report that Merlin ZH850/WM462 has been present here aboard HMS Westminster.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

LOG 25/02/2006

Tu-154 LZ-HMI of BH Air landing on runway 12

G-TOYG BMI2003 has departed (0710) returned as BMI2004 (0945)

EIR1931 has just left (0715) id anyone please..this has now reurned as EIR1392 (1052) now identified as G-FJEB (FlyJet)

on the ground at (0730)


now for inbounds/outbounds

G-CFAA BRT588 has now departed (0955)

G-FJET Citation II c/s Lonex 289 landed (1005) - departed (1055)

PH-OFA KLM59Z landed (1013) - KLM60Z departed (1100)

ZD949 RRR6930 just routed eb through the o/h er Brize Norton (1015)

G-TOYG BMI2861 departed (1035) to Geneva

EI-DAF RYR882 landed (1040) - departed RYR883 (1125)

G-OAPE Cessna T303 landed (1052)

G-FJEB EIR1933 departed (1140)

LZ-HMI BH5823 landed (1250)

Friday, February 24, 2006

LOG 24/02/2006

B767 G-OBYF of Thomsonfly (Garuda Colours) at Cardiff pushing back onto stand 14 prior to a flight to Dublin conveying Welsh rugby supporters

Some movements logged today :-

G-BYAN B775 ThomsonFly

EI-DAF RYR882/883

TC-FBY A320 Freebird (Eirjet) - depart as EIR1927 to Dublin (1215)

G-OBYF B767 ThomsonFly (Garuda Indonesia marks)

TF-JXC MD83 JetX - departed to Dublin (1245)

G-MAJS A300 Monarch

C-GMNC C750 (Still here)

A Flybe Dash 8 took off whilst i was there, any id please!

G-MONJ MON197P has just landed (1207)

G-CIVL at BAMC (1300)

G-BNLI landed (1312)

EI-DCW RYR885 has just departed (2250)

A bit of additional information thanks to Mike F

G-MONK MON168P arrived at (0900), and G-MAJS departed at (0840)

TF-JXC JXX406 departed (1607). There was also a Jersey European G-JEDL

Also noted today have been G-MAJR, G-MONS, G-OBYH (Garuda Colours) and a Gojet Citation is believed to have arrived (G-FCDB)

Thanks to Dave S i can report that Citation G-OJMW landed (1745)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

LOG 23/02/2006

Above photo shows TF-JXC of JetX landing in the snow after returning from Dublin as JetBird 401P

G-TOYG has just landed BMI2002 (0946)

PH-OFE KLM59Z just landed (0955) JKM60Z departed (1045)

G-MONC MON9242 departed to Dublin (0957) B757

Jetstream c/s Navy 750 o/s (1003)  id req please

TF-JXC Jetbird 401 just departed (1010) MD83 - arrived back at as JetBird 401P (1240) 

EI-DAF RYR882 landed (1012) B738 - departed RYR883 (1102)

G-TOYC BMI2641 departed (1015) B737 - Returned as BMI2642 (1540)

G-MONJ MON9194 departed (1018)

EI-JON A-109 landed (1020)

G-TOYG BMI2201 departed to Malaga (1100) - Returned as BMI2202 (1628)

EC-JDU FUA1327 landed (1200) - departed as FUA1328 (1310)

A Hawk has just o/s on runway 30 c/s STN 04 (1500)

PH-OFJ KLM1066 departed (1515)

G-MAJE EZE1543 landed (1610) from Manchester

G-TOYG BMI2971 has just departed to Prague (1730)

EI-SBP Cessna 206 landed (1830)

PH-OFL KLM1069 has landed (1930)

G-TOYC BMI2006 landed from Edinburgh (1945)

G-BYAN BAL088B landed (2040)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

LOG 22/02/2006

KLM59Z now inbound (0945)- should be PH-KZF

BMI2002 inbound from Edinburgh (0950) - G-TOYG

Just noted on a drive around (1145) was C-GMNC, G-ESTA, G-MONJ, G-LOFD , BXTN  and G-YMMC with BAMC. G-BXTN (Air Aurigny) has been seen a few times recently operating flights for Air Wales

Just landing (1410) on runway 12 is G-YMMD BAW 9176..Assuming YMMC will return to LHR later today

KLM1065 hust landing PH-OFH (1425) - departed at 1650

G-ESTA left at approx 1230

BMI2642 now inbound (1242) G-TOYC

KLM60Z has left (1518) PH-KZF

Inbound now (1525) is G-BYAN BAL318B

G-YMMC has departed now for LHR (1615) c/s BAW 9177

BMI2202 G-TOYG landed 1625

G-TOYG has just departed again this time to Prague BMI2971 (1735)

At St Athan were two Hawks XX283 and XX332 both 4FTS, there was also a Tornado GR.4 in the Southern detuner, does anyone have an id for this please.

A return visit to St Athan this afternoon produced some more Hawks XX250, XX220, and XX246..while i was there XX261 landed and went straight to the DARA hangar. Also noted today in the scrapping area were VC-10;s XR810 and ZD240/M. The fuselage Canberra TT.18  WJ717 is still outside at Picketston..

Thanks to FatWill i can now confirm the Tonka was ZA469 and a Lynx made a short stop at 1500 XZ716/319 c/s Navy Talon 12

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

LOG 21/02/2006

Hi all

Not much to report so far today except that C750 C GMNC is still parked at Echo and a bmi Baby has just left (1410hrs) G-TOYC. Also just seen departing (1450hrs) is G-BYAN BAL275A.

KLM1066 PH-OFC has just departed (1500hrs)

KLM1069 currently downwind for 12 (1925) PH-OFA

BMI 2006 today is G-TOYG

Just landed (2110) is C550 G-ESTA

MON327P G-MONJ has just landed (2155)  this is in for a rugby charter tomorrow

G-FIJR has just departed 2215hrs as Quality 18W

There were four Hawk present at St Athan when i drove passed but infortunatley i was unable stop to identify them....

Monday, February 20, 2006

LOG 20/02/2006

EI-CSV B737 RYR882/883, G-STRJ B737 Flystar 551, PH-OFM F-100 KLM60Z

Plus other noted, C-GMNC C750, G-HERM ATR72 Atlantic, G-TOYG B737 bmi Baby..

a Chinook has landed at 1620hrs..anyone id please..the Chinook has now departed and just Leaving is Baby 2971 G-TOYC at 1805hrs

Baby 2006 inbound now 1940hrs G-TOYG

For those interested in airways N900MG F900 has just gone eb MERLY-BCN 1900hrs

EI-DAF RYR884 has just landed at 2110hrs

Noted at St Athan today

Thanks to FatWill i can report the following for St Athan today..The Hawk picture is XX158

taken at Saints 08/08/2003

Hawks XX287/287 XX315/315 XX283/283 XX158/158 XX234/-u/m TornadoF3 ZE764/FK 25 Sq.mks C/s Everest


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