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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LOG Wednesday 31/03/2010

Cardiff IAP Runway in use 30
Ad Hoc charters/One off Airliner movements
Departing to Birmingham at 15:54 is WW9432 B733 G-TOYK
Due out to Leeds-Bradford at 17:00 is TCX817P A320 G-OMYA ..departed 17:17
Due in from Manchester at 22:55 is BMI9433 B733 G-TOYF ..landed 22:53
Based Aircraft Movements
Departing at 14:16 is DragonFly Beech 200 G-MEGN ..landed 18:25
Over the Top
Below FL160
Eastbound, 2 miles off the coast, from Swansea to Newport at 14:26 is "Metman" BAE.146 G-LUXE
Eastbound at 16:48 from Haverfordwest to Odiham is "Armyair 642" 657 Sqn Lynx AH.7 ZD280
Above FL160
08:25 "COTAM 0014" A319 1485/F-RBFA EB FL370 MERLY-EXMOR-SAM ..ETEC00.065 Orly
08:59 "Reach 177" C-17A 07-7173 EB FL330 GAPLI-MAM ..436thAW Dover AFB DE
09:35 BZH4351 CRJ9 F-WDTA SB FL390 NOKIN-EXMOR-BHD ..Brit Air (c/n 15001, to be F-HDTA) [Keflavik-Morlaix/Ploujean]
09:49 "Reach 539" C-17A 00-0180 EB FL330 GAPLI-MAM ..62ndAW JB Lewis-McChord WA
09:49 "Navy VV100" C-37B 166378 WB FL400 CPT-BEKSA-SLANY ..VR-1 JB Andrews MD [Ramstein-Andrews]
10:00 "N999NB" GLF4 N999NB EB descending SLANY-KENET ..Wells Fargo Bank Northwest Na Trustee [Waterbury/Oxford-Westchester Co-Biggin Hill]
11:00 "Reach 6022" C-5B 86-0022 EB descending EVRIN-NUMPO-BZN-MAM ..60thAMW Travis AFB, CA [to RAF Mildenhall]
11:50/12:15 "F-WWJS" F2TH F-WWJS WB/EB FL400/410 DIKAS-STU-DIKAS ..Dassault (HMU check) (c/n 209, to be I-)
12:29 "Reach 537" C-17A 00-0173 EB FL350 GAPLI-MAM ..517thAS 3rdWing JB Elmendorf-Richardson AK
12:45 "SAM 6872" C-40B 01-0040 WB FL340 CPT-STU ..89thAW JB Andrews MD
12:51 "SAM 6924" C-20B 86-0203 WB FL380 CPT-STU ..89thAW JB Andrews MD (miscoded transponder)
12:54 "Reach 408" C-5B 85-0003 EB FL350 GAPLI-MAM ..436thAW Dover AFB DE
13:45 "Canforce 0474" CP140 140104 WB FL100 Lyneham-VLN-Chivenor ..14 Wing CFB Greenwood NS (descended to low level to operate along the North Devon-Cornwall coast)
14:11 "N1040" GLF5 N1040 WB FL430 CPT-STU ..Cox Enterprises Inc
16:32 ADB2812 A124 UR-82073 EB descending STU-DIKAS-BASET ..Antonov Airlines [Tulsa Intl-Brize Norton]
19:15 "N985JC" G550 N985JC WB climbing CPT-STU ..St.Thomas Energy Exports Inc
20:41 GNJ50 G550 SX-MFA WB FL470 NIGIT-STU ..Gainjet
20:56 "Reach 582" C-17A 98-0053 EB FL350 GAPLI-MAM ..62ndAW JB Lewis-McChord WA

BOARDS Wednesday 31/03/2010

Scheduled Arrivals
03:05TCX781L.AntalyaA320Thomas Cook ALG-OMYA


07:55EI3290Arann 90CWDublinAT72Aer Lingus/Aer ArannEI-REP07:421new callsign
08:05T34641Eastflight 14RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJL07:563
08:25BE581Jersey 82AEdinburghE190FlybeG-FBEC11:386Late
08:25BE1431Jersey 3BNGlasgowDH8DFlybeG-JECI08:129
10:35KL1059.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZN10:3311
10:55BE281Jersey 7PXBelfast CityDH8DFlybeG-JECG11:057
11:30EI3292Arann 92CWDublinAT72Aer Lingus/Aer ArannEI-REP11:261new callsign
13:05WW2202Baby 37EMalagaB733bmibabyG-TOYH12:573
14:10KL1063.AmsterdamF100KLM CityhopperPH-OFP14:1311
14:45EI3828Arann 3828CorkAT72Aer Lingus/Aer ArannEI-REP14:471
16:10TCX817LKestrel 8MVFuerteventuraA320Thomas Cook ALG-OMYA15:419new callsign
17:45TOM6309Thomson 36TPaphos IntlB738Thomson AWG-FDZJ19:3113
18:15T34647Eastflight 74RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJV18:041
19:20BE1436Jersey 1PNParis CDGDH8DFlybeG-FLBA19:1510
20:20EI3298Arann 98CWDublinAT72Aer Lingus/Aer ArannEI-REP20:043new callsign
20:55KL1069.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZD20:4711
23:10WW2736Baby 93CFaroB733bmibabyG-TOYH22:43-

Scheduled Departures
06:10KL1058.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-WXC06:15
07:00TOM6308Thomson 6MDPaphos IntlB738Thomson AWG-FDZJ07:09
07:15TCX817KKestrel 56GZFuerteventuraA320Thomas Cook ALG-OMYA07:19new callsign
08:20EI3291Arann 91CWDublinAT72Aer Lingus/Aer ArannEI-REP08:19new callsign
08:35T34642Eastflight 24RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJL08:29
08:50BE582Jersey 8ETEdinburghE190FlybeG-FBEC12:17
08:50BE1432Jersey 4PTGlasgowDH8DFlybeG-JECI08:55
11:35KL1060.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZN11:40
11:55EI3829Arann 3829CorkAT72Aer Lingus/Aer ArannEI-REP12:07
14:50BE282Jersey 82VBelfast CityDH8DFlybeG-JECG14:56
15:10EI3295Arann 95CWDublinAT72Aer Lingus/Aer ArannEI-REP15:17new callsign
15:55BE1435Jersey 5HLParis CDGDH8DFlybeG-FLBA16:05
16:50KL1064.AmsterdamF100KLM CityhopperPH-OFP17:02
17:15WW2735Baby 58AFaroB733bmibabyG-TOYH17:14
18:45T34648Eastflight 84RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJV18:44
20:45EI3299Arann 99CWDublinAT72Aer Lingus/Aer ArannEI-REP20:43new callsign

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

LOG Tuesday 30/03/2010

Cardiff IAP Runway in use 12 30 10:28
Inbound at 14:50 is "Fraction 618T" Beechjet 400XP CS-DMT ..landed 14:59 parking on stand 15 ..departed at 17:30 to Newcastle as "Fraction 4TC"
Inbound from Palma Mallorca at 15:00 is "Beauport 701" Citation XLS G-CXLS ..landed 15:12 parking on echo ..departed at 15:28 to Jersey as "Beauport 702"
Training Flights
Inbound at 09:42 for an ILS approach is "UAW22" Tutor G-BYVW ..go-round 09:59 and returned to St.Athan
Ad Hoc charters/One off Airliner movements
Due in from East Midlands at 11:15 is LOG845 SF34 G-LGNF ..landed 11:15 parking on stand 17 ..departed at 23:56 back to East Midlands as LOG846
Based Aircraft Movements
Departing c01:30 is DragonFly Beech 200 G-MEGN ..landed 09:54
BAMC Happenings
Due out at 15:20 to Heathrow is BAW9151 B744 G-CIVL ..departed 15:52

Photo credit Jac Osborne
Inbound at 17:30 from Heathrow is BAW9150 B744 G-CIVB ..landed 17:52
MOD St Athan Runway in use 08 26 c10:30
UWAS Tutors active today: G-BYVW
Inbound at 11:23 is "Navy Inferno 012" Lynx HAS.3GMS XZ733/(308) ..landed 11:42 ..departed 11:52 to Castlemartin Range
Tremorfa Heliport
Over the Top
Below FL160
Inbound from Chivenor at 19:17 to an incident at Lavernock Point is Seaking HAR.3A "Rescue 169" ..departed home 19:53
Above FL160
06:03 "Reach 837" B763 N768NA EB FL350 EVRIN-NUMPO-HON ..North American Airlines
08:42 "Reach 8033" KC-135R 63-8033 EB descending STU-DIKAS-BZN-MAM ..6thAMW MacDill AFB FL
09:03 "SAM 6872" C-40B 01-0040 EB descending EVRIN-NUMPO-CPT ..89thAW JB Andrews MD
09:14 "Reach 482" B763 N342AX EB FL350 STU-CPT ..Omni Air International
10:02 "Reach 296" C-17A 07-7170 WB FL340 MAM-GITUS ..436thAW Dover AFB DE
11:11 VDA4348 A124 RA-82079 EB descending EVRIN-NUMPO-NIGIT ..Volga Dnepr [Portsmouth Intl-Stansted]
12:06 "HZAFA2" CL60 HZ-AFA2 WB FL400 CPT-STU ..Asasco Aviation
12:14 "Reach 227" C-5A 70-0457 EB FL330 GAPLI-MAM ..89thAS Wright Patterson AFB OH
13:46 "Reach 159" C-17A 03-3119 WB FL300 MAM-GITUS ..183rdAS MS ANG Jackson MS
18:30 "Convoy 9675" C-9B 161529/529 EB FL330 STU-NUMPO-NIGIT ..VR-46 NAS Atlanta GA
19:05 "Navy VV100" C-37B 166378 EB FL410 STU-CPT ..VR-1 JB Andrews MD
19:27 "SAM 6820" C-20B 86-0203 EB FL410 STU-CPT ..89thAW JB Andrews MD
21:40 SVA011 B752 HZ-HMED WB FL360 CPT-BAKUR ..Saudi Royal Flight (hospital a/c) [Jeddah-Shannon-Cleveland Hopkins Intl]
21:55 GAF??? C160D 50+81 EB FL230 STU-CPT ..LTG-62 Wunstorf
Around & About
Kemble - Arriving today was all-white A320 TS-INM , ex Nouvelair

BOARDS Tuesday 30/03/2010

Scheduled Arrivals
04:15TCX293L.DalamanA320Thomas Cook ALG-OMYA03:569landed 30
07:55EI3290Arann 329QDublinAT72Aer Lingus/Aer ArannEI-REO07:501
08:05T34641Eastflight 14RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJW08:063
08:25BE1431Jersey 3BNGlasgowDH8DFlybeG-ECOJ08:261
08:25BE581Jersey 82AEdinburghDH8DFlybeG-ECOR08:197
10:35KL1059.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZL10:3711go-round on 12 10:27 due to sudden wind change
10:55BE281Jersey 7PXBelfast CityDH8DFlybeG-JEDV11:233
11:30EI3292.DublinAT72Aer Lingus/Aer ArannEI-REM11:321
13:05WW2202Baby 37EMalagaB733bmibabyG-TOYK13:059
13:10TOM6207Thomson 9KGAlicanteB738Thomson AWG-FDZJ13:1110
13:50BE1344Jersey 7AFJerseyDH8DFlybeG-JEDV14:083
14:10KL1063.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZW14:0311
14:45EI3828.CorkAT72Aer Lingus/Aer ArannEI-REM14:541
16:25TCX887LKestrel 46HCTenerife SurA320Thomas Cook ALG-OMYA16:139
18:00WW2736Baby 93CFaroB733bmibabyG-TOYH17:353
18:15T34647Eastflight 74RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJT18:101
19:20BE1436Jersey 1PNParis CDGDH8DFlybeG-ECOJ19:3210
20:20EI3298.DublinAT72Aer Lingus/Aer ArannEI-REM20:001
20:55KL1069.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-WXC20:5111
23:45TOM6251Thomson 3JGTenerife SurB738Thomson AWG-FDZJ23:20-

Scheduled Departures
06:10KL1058.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZL06:23
07:00TCX887KKestrel 76GMTenerife SurA320Thomas Cook ALG-OMYA07:04
07:10TOM6206Thomson 4GVAlicanteB738Thomson AWG-FDZJ07:13
08:20EI3291.DublinAT72Aer Lingus/Aer ArannEI-REO08:27
08:35T34642Eastflight 24RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJW09:18to Birmingham
08:50BE1432Jersey 4PTGlasgowDH8DFlybeG-ECOJ09:07
08:50BE5822Jersey 8ETEdinburghDH8DFlybeG-ECOR08:52
11:20BE1343Jersey 6RMJerseyDH8DFlybeG-JEDV11:55
11:35KL1060.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZL11:39
11:55EI3829.CorkAT72Aer Lingus/Aer ArannEI-REM12:16
12:00WW2735Baby 58AFaroB733bmibabyG-TOYH12:06
14:15BE282Jersey 82VBelfast CityDH8DFlybeG-JEDV14:56
14:35TOM6250Thomson 7CTTenerife SurB738Thomson AWG-FDZJ14:34
15:10EI3295.DublinAT72Aer Lingus/Aer ArannEI-REM15:21
15:55BE1435Jersey 5HLParis CDGDH8DFlybeG-ECOJ16:28
16:50KL1064.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZW16:58
17:25TCX781K.AntalyaA320Thomas Cook ALG-OMYA17:37
18:45T34648Eastflight 84RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJT18:45
19:55BE586Jersey 586EdinburghDH8DFlybeG-JECO19:57not "Jersey 8VR" as expected
20:45EI3299.DublinAT72Aer Lingus/Aer ArannEI-REM20:44

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