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Friday, September 30, 2011

LOG Friday 30/09/2011

Cardiff IAP Runway in use 12

Parked on Golf is Gulfstream G550 N755VE ..departed at 08:04 to San Antonio
Parked at the club is PA-28-140 Cruiser G-SCPL ..departed at 12:04 to the South
Picture credit Mark Pearce 

Inbound at 12:30 from the East Is PA-28-161 Cadet G-BXTZ ..landed 12:40 parking at the club ..departed at 13:24 to the South
Picture credit Phil Woods

Inbound at 18:00 is Reims-Cessna F.182Q Skylane N182GC ..landed 18:20 parking at the club
Inbound at 18:30 is Cessna T.206H Turbo Stationair EI-SPB ..landed 18:54 parking at the club

Training Flights
Inbound at 10:15 to the CDF hold prior to an approach is "Exam 58" Beech 76 G-BOFC ..go-round 10:37 and departed to Exeter
Inbound at 10:45 to the CDF hold prior to an approach is "Blackadder 18" Beech 76 G-CBBF ..go-round 11:18 and departed to Bournemouth
Inbound at 12:55 to the CDF hold prior to an approach is "Blackadder 01" Beech 76 G-GDMW ..go-round 13:35 and departed to Bournemouth
Inbound at 19:45 from Bristol for some training circuits is PA-28-140 Cherokee G-BCJN ..landed at 20:31 parking at the club ..airborne at 20:35 for more circuits ..landed 21:03 ..airborne again at 21:23 for more circuits ..landed 21:37 ..departed at 21:45 back to Bristol
Inbound at 20:35 for an approach is "Police 32" EC135T2 G-WONN ..go-round at 20:42 and returned home to Saints

Ad Hoc charters/One off Airliner movements
Due in from Rotterdam at 08:00 is WDL520 BAe.146 D-AWUE ..landed 08:12 parking on stand 17 ..departed at 21:15 back to Rotterdam as WDL521
Picture credit Phil Woods 

Due in from Aldergrove at 11:25 is LOG847 Saab 340 G-LGNN ..landed 11:07 parking on stand 6 ..departed at 23:31 back to Aldergrove as LOG848
Picture credit Mark Pearce 

Due in from Maastricht at 13:30 is DNM395P Denim Air Fokker 50 PH-JXJ ..landed 13:58 parking on stand 7 ..departed at 14:55 to Humberside as DNM3905 "Denim 1899"
Picture credit Phil Woods

Departing at 18:10 to Ronaldsway is "Keil Air 727P" Do228 D-IFLM  

Based Aircraft Movements
Residents active today: G-BBTYG-BXIF, G-CRIL, G-CSBDG-GALLG-LIVY 
Aeros active today: G-BTVW, G-EKIR  

MOD St Athan Runway in use 08
Police ASU EC135T2 active today: G-WONN "Police 32
UWAS Tutors active today: G-BYWAG-BYWD 

Tower Transits
Southbound at 08:55 from Gloucester to a site near Bideford is "Special 21" MD900 G-COTH ..through the airport overhead at 08:17
Westbound along the coast at 14:10 is "Helimed 57E" EC135T2 G-WASN 
Westbound along the coast at 18:00 from the Heath hospital to Chivenor is "Rescue 169" Seaking HAR.3A ZH545  

Over the Top
02:47 WB climbing at TOPRO N124TF GLF4 [EGGW/Luton > KTYS/Knoxville > KPDK/Dekalb-Peachtree]
03:29 EB FL360 at DIKAS "Reach 831" 04-4136 C-17A
04:43 EB FL350 at BCN "Reach 868" 08-8200 C-17A
04:54 EB FL410 at TALGA N486QS GLF4 [KMHT/Manchester > EBBR/Brussels]
05:35 EB FL360 at DIKAS "Reach 705" 97-0042 C-17A
06:13 EB FL350 at DIKAS "Reach 306" 02-1102 C-17A
06:41 EB FL350 at BCN ADB5204 UR-82073 AN124 [KIAD/Washington Dulles > EDDP/Leipzig]
07:05 EB FL230 W of EXMOR CNV3492 164994 C-130T
07:42 EB FL450 at DIKAS N709FG GLEX [KCMI/Champaign > EDDS/Stuttgart]
07:58 EB FL390 at DIKAS N555LR G450 [KHPN/Westchester County > KBED/Hanscom Field > EINN/Shannon > ?]
08:03 WB FL400 N of DIKAS N486QS GLF4
08:09 WB FL320 at CDF "Reach 827" 06-6166 C-17A
08:35 EB FL450 at EXMOR KAC059 9K-AJE GLF5 [KIAD/Washington Dulles > LFPB/Le Bourget]
08:55 EB FL350 at DIKAS "Reach 315" 09-9208 C-17A
09:11 WB FL320 at EXMOR "Reach 462" 07-7172 C-17A
09:15 WB climbing at TOPRO A9C-ACE CL60
09:32 EB FL230 at VLN "Reach 464" 62-3568 KC-135R
10:00 WB FL340 at TOPRO "Cabal 0557-2603 KC-135R
10:18 EB FL350 at DIKAS "Reach 322" 07-7170 C-17A
10:28 WB FL320 at EXMOR "Reach 657" 06-6163 C-17A
10:46 WB climbing at TOPRO N250LG FA7X [EGLF/Farnborough > KAPA/Denver Centennial]
11:06 EB FL330 at DIKAS "Reach 198" 08-8197 C-17A
11:31 WB FL400 at DIKAS N653MK G550
11:58 EB descending at NUMPO QAF010 A7-MED A319
12:33 EB FL330 at DIKAS "Reach 228" 06-6161 C-17A
12:34 EB climbing at NUMPO OO-CEH C56X ..from Swansea
12:38 EB FL330 at DIKAS SAM762 01-0041 C-40B
12:40 EB FL370 N of TOPRO "Reach 300" 08-8198 C-17A
12:44 WB FL240 at VLN "Quid 93" 60-0342/D KC-135T tank WB B-1B "Rama 81"
12:48 WB FL400 at DIKAS EJM67 N604AK CL60
13:15 WB climbing at DIKAS N217GH CL30 [EGGW/Luton > CYQX/Gander > KHPN/Westchester County]
13:21 WB climbing at DIKAS N144KK GLF5 [EGHH/Bournemouth > KCVG/Cincinnati]
13:26 WB FL380 at TOPRO "Cabal 1558-0114 KC-135R
14:08 WB FL330 at EXMOR "Evac 21112" 02-1112 C-17A
14:36 NB FL280 at CDF DUK3AMB LX-LAR LJ35
14:38 EB FL230 at BCN TJT852B F-GTVC B190
15:28 EB FL230 at EXMOR "Quid 9360-0342/D KC-135T
16:07 WB climbing at DIKAS N194LE CL30
16:50 WB climbing N of DIKAS N410M GLF5
17:02 WB FL400 at TOPRO BOXER43 02-0203 C-40C
17:06 WB FL400 S of TOPRO N820HB GLF4 [LFPB/Le Bourget > CYUL/Montreal Dorval]
18:56 WB climbing at TOPRO N353WC C750 [EGGW/Luton > CYQX/Gander]
21:15 WB FL400 at TOPRO N903G G450
21:40 EB FL390 N of DIKAS CFC3009 144614 CC144B

BOARDS Friday 30/09/2011

Scheduled Arrivals

00:05TOM6447Thomson 8BPHeraklionG-OOBJ 00:16 7
00:10WW2736Baby 93CFaroG-TOYJ 23:49 Thu 3
00:25TOM709Thomson 709DalamanG-FDZE 00:09 10
00:40TCX7019Kestrel 27PBLanzaroteG-CRPH 00:31 9
02:00NPT027CNeptune 27CEast MidlandsG-BTPH 01:49 6 landed on 30
07:50T34641Eastflight 14RNewcastleG-MAJE 07:52 8
08:20BE281Jersey 5MUBelfast CityG-JECF 08:14 1
08:20BE1431Jersey 9RXGlasgowG-JECG 08:17 3
08:25KL1059KLM 03NAmsterdamPH-WXA 08:19 11
08:30BE581Jersey 1KAEdinburghG-JECY 08:24 7
10:00NM933Kiel Air 933RAF ValleyD-IFLM 09:25 12
11:10EI3292Arann 92CWDublinEI-REM 11:011
11:40WW2334Baby 34YBelfast CityG-TOYH 11:22 9
12:25WW2936Baby 64CPalma MallorcaG-TOYJ 12:02 3
14:00OAW442Helvetic 442ZurichHB-JVH 14:13 3
14:10BE283Jersey 3GPBelfast CityG-ECOK 14:31 1
14:10TOM6515Thomson 5YXZakynthosG-FDZE 14:02 13
15:25BE3435Jersey 8PJGlasgowG-JECN 15:30 3
15:35BE583Jersey 1BVEdinburghG-ECOJ 15:27 1
15:55TOM6507Thomson 1LMCorfuG-OOBJ 15:24 7
16:10EI3296Arann 296ABlackpoolEI-REM 17:39 1 Late
16:45KL1063KLM 51RAmsterdamPH-KZD 16:38 11
17:15TCX7069Kestrel 98WMTenerife SurG-OMYA 17:37 9
17:45NM937Kiel Air 937RAF ValleyD-IFLM 17:14 12
18:00WW2968Baby 2968Murcia San JavierG-TOYH 17:41 3
18:40T34095Eastflight 95VAberdeen/NewcastleG-MAJE 18:41 8
19:30BE585Jersey 9UTEdinburghG-ECOJ 19:10 1
19:35BE3436Jersey 3436Paris CDGG-JECN 19:37 3
21:15KL1069KLM 1069AmsterdamPH-KZT 21:11 11
21:15TOM6539Thomson 34HMahonG-FDZE 21:09 10
Scheduled Departures

02:45NPT022PNeptune 22PBournemouthG-BTPH 02:41
06:00KL1058KLM 1058AmsterdamPH-JCT 06:14
06:00TOM6514Thomson 8BMZakynthosG-FDZE 06:05
06:50WW2935Baby 65RPalma MallorcaG-TOYJ 07:02
07:30NM932Kiel Air 932RAF ValleyD-IFLM 07:25
08:00TCX7068Kestrel 14ABTenerife SurG-CRPH 08:39
08:15TOM6506Thomson 62CCorfuG-OOBJ 08:21
08:15T34032Eastflight 82FNewcastle/AberdeenG-MAJE 08:48
08:45BE282Jersey 5YEBelfast CityG-JECF 08:51
08:45BE1432Jersey 7BGGlasgowG-JECG 08:55
08:55BE582Jersey 2LXEdinburghG-JECY 09:01
09:05KL1060KLM 04NAmsterdamPH-WXA 09:06
11:35EI3293Arann 93CWDublinEI-REM 11:38
12:10WW2967Baby 2967Murcia San JavierG-TOYH 12:16
12:50WW2333Baby 44EBelfast CityG-TOYJ 12:54
14:35BE284Jersey 284Belfast CityG-ECOK 15:07
14:45OAW443Helvetic 443ZurichHB-JVH 14:47
15:15NM936Kiel Air 936RAF ValleyD-IFLM 15:16
15:30TOM6538Thomson 41GMahonG-FDZE 15:35
15:50BE3435Jersey 3435Paris CDGG-JECN 16:09
16:00BE584Jersey 584EdinburghG-ECOJ 16:04
16:35EI3297Arann 97CWDublinEI-REM 18:22 Late
17:25KL1064KLM 52RAmsterdamPH-KZD 17:42
17:25TOM6554Thomson 90ETenerife SurG-OOBJ 17:36
18:30WW2201Baby 81DMalagaG-TOYH 18:35
18:35TCX7668Kestrel 7668DalamanG-OMYA 18:47
19:10T34648Eastflight 84RNewcastleG-MAJE 19:12
19:55BE586Jersey 1LQEdinburghG-ECOJ 20:03
20:15BE3436Jersey 6BXGlasgowG-JECN 20:26
22:45TOM6570FThomson 5KWIbizaG-FDZE 22:35

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