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Sunday, November 30, 2008

LOG Sunday 30/11/2008

Cardiff IAP Runway in use 12 30 c09:30
Parked on stand 15 should be Cessna F.182Q N182GC and Beech 200GT G-WATJ
Parked on stand 16 are Bristol based PA-34 G-BOIZ and Citation 525 G-SEAJ both diverted in Saturday P.M from Bristol
Departing 09:43 to Caernarfon is Beech 200 G-WATJ c/s "Ambassador 230A"
Landing 13:58 is Swansea based and regular here PA-38 Tomahawk G-BRSJ ..parking stand 15 ..departed 14:26 back to Swansea
Departing 14:01 is Cessna F.182Q N182GC
Inbound 14:55 and due out to Jersey at 16:40 is Cessna 425 N577PA ..landed 15:09 and parking stand 15 ..departed 16:07
Inbound 15:45 to the hold prior to some NDB approaches is "RRR520" a Hercules C.4 ZH879/879 from the LTW ..entering the hold 15:51 ..overshoot 16:00 & 16:12 then depart to Lyneham
Inbound 16:00 is Cessna 560 M-BWFC c/n 560-5690 ..landed 16:06 and parking stand 15 ..departed 17:59 to Ronaldsway
Transients (Below FL160)
Eastbound 14:58 along the coast is Robinson R-22 G-BYIE ..routed back to the North of the airfield 16:20 to the private site at Ewenny
Interesting OTT (Above FL160)
10:20 "CKS328" B742 N713CK WB FL300 at NUMPO ..Kalitta Air [AMS-EWR]
10:35 "UPS233" B763 N318UP EB FL350 at DIKAS ..United Parcel Service [PHL-CGN]
10:50 "Reach 0173" C-17A 00-0173 EB FL350 GITUS-MAM ..517thAS 3rd Wing Elmendorf AFB AK
11:13 "UPS209" B763 N327UP EB FL390 at DIKAS ..United Parcel Service [PHL-CGN]
11:15 "FDX9730" MD-11F N592FE EB FL369 at DIKAS ..Federal Express [WRI-HHN]
11:27 "CKS208" B742 N703CK WB FL300 at DIKAS ..Kalitta Air [BRU-JFK-EWR]
12:00 "Reach 481" DC-10 N810AX EB FL330 at NUMPO ..Omni Air International
12:15 "CKS204" B742 N710CK WB FL300 at DIKAS ..Kalitta Air [AMS-EWR]
12:30 "N393BZ" GLEX N393BZ c/n 9022 EB FL430 at NUMPO trail
14:00 "Reach 6026" C-5B 86-0026 WB FL340 MAM-GITUS ..60thAMW Travis AFB, CA
14:37 "Reach 5142" C-17A 05-5142 WB FL320 - FL340 MAM-GITUS ..729thAS/AFRC March ARB, CA
14:50 "CKS363" B741 N717CK EB FL330 at DIKAS ..Kalitta Air [EWR-BRU]
15:00 "Reach 683" C-17A 97-0044 WB FL340 MAM-GITUS ..437thAW Charleston AFB, SC

BOARDS Sunday 30/11/2008

Sundays Boards
Due in from Gatwick at 20:42 was TOM9023 B752 (to replace the delayed TOM1314 on tomorrow mornings TOM1251)

Arrivals Board

10:15KL1059.AmsterdamFK10KLM CityhopperPH-OFH10:0811
12:00RE311.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CPT11:381
12:20RE421Arann 21FCorkAT72Aer ArannEI-REB12:183
13:05WW2202Baby 37EMalagaB733bmibabyG-OGBD12:569
15:20BE1435Jersey 443C GlasgowDH8DFlybeG-JECW15:163
15:50TOM1314Thomson 22BLanzaroteB752Thomson AWETA 12:50 Monday
16:00KL1063.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZF16:1511
16:20TCX302L.LanzaroteA321Thomas Cook ALG-OMYA15:349
16:55TOM4752Thomson 14XTenerife SurB733Thomson AWG-THOK17:3510
17:35WW2002Baby 10FEdinburghB733bmibabyG-OBMP17:411
19:20BE1436Jersey 136GParis CDGDH8DFlybeG-JECW19:0511
19:25BE285.Belfast CityAT72FlybeEI-REH19:241opb Aer Arann
20:20RE315.DublinAT72Aer ArannEI-REI20:091
21:25WW2992.AmsterdamB733bmibabyG-TOYM21:2514Frame change
21:40KL1069.AmsterdamFK10KLM CityhopperPH-OFM22:2911
23:55TOM2872Thomson 1WPMalagaB733Thomson AWG-THOK10

Departures Board

06:00KL1058.AmsterdamFK10KLM CityhopperPH-OFP06:05
07:05TCX302K.LanzaroteA320Thomas Cook ALG-OMYA07:04
07:05TOM1313Thomson 5AJLanzaroteB752Thomson AWG-BYAS07:21
07:15TOM4751Thomson 7JETenerife SurB733Thomson AWG-THOK08:33
10:55KL1060.AmsterdamFK10KLM CityhopperPH-OFH10:54
12:30RE312.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CPT12:27
12:45RE422Arann 22FCorkAT72Aer ArannEI-REB12:52
14:40WW2001Baby 45ZEdinburghB733bmibabyG-OBMP15:01
15:45BE1435.Paris CDGDH8DFlybeG-JECW15:57
16:40KL1064.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZF16:57
17:40TOM2871Thomson 8DBMalagaB733Thomson AWG-THOK18:33
19:50BE286.Belfast CityAT72FlybeEI-REH20:11opb Aer Arann
19:55BE586Jersey 4FMEdinburghDH8DFlybeG-JECU19:59
20:45RE316.DublinAT72Aer ArannEI-REI20:44

Saturday, November 29, 2008

LOG Saturday 29/11/2008

Cardiff IAP Runway in use 12
A NOTAM has been issued stating the Flying Club is temporarily not available to visiting aircraft. All visitors must arrange to use one of the northside handling agents, Aviance, Servisair or Signature.
Parked on stand 15 should be Cessna F.182Q N182GC
Inbound at 10:30 is "Ambassador 229A" Beech 200 G-WATJ ..landed 10:49 parking stand 15, nightstopping
Due in from Humberside at 10:55 is NJE7MK Hawker 800XPi CS-DRM c/n 258771, departs 18:40 back to Humberside ..landed 10:44 parking stand 15 ..departed 16:33
Diverting in due to bad weather on a flight from Guernsey to Shobdon is PA-28RT G-DAAZ ..landed 14:47 parking echo ..departed 15:54 back to Guernsey
Inbound from the North at 19:10 is Cessna 560XLS M-BWFC c/n 560-5690 ..landed 19:22 parking stand 16 ..departed 19:48 to Bournemouth
Landing at 21:10 is "Clifton 43" PA-34 G-BOIZ parking stand 16 (Guernsey-Bristol diversion)
Landing at 22:11 is "Clifton 5" Cessna 525 G-SEAJ parking stand 16 (Blackpool-Bristol diversion)
Transients (Below FL160)
Transitting the zone at 10:10 enroute to a private site on Exmoor is Sikorsky S-92 N908W ..went in the opposite direction, 2 miles West of the AP at 15:50, to a private site near Long Marston

BOARDS Saturday 29/11/2008

Saturdays Boards
bmibaby B733 WW2774 G-OGBD diverted to Bristol Friday, due back into Cardiff at 09:30 as BMI9461 ..landed 09:36 parking stand 9
Thomson AW B752 TOM4752 G-BYAS diverted to Bristol Friday. This operated the CWL scheduled TOM4771 "Thomson 9CV" to Alicante from Bristol departing 10:02
Parked on stand 16 is Flybe DH8D G-JECW (Friday's BE556 Jersey-Manchester diversion) ..replaced the tech G-JEDO on the Paris flight
Due out to Manchester at 05:40 is TOM9702 B763 G-OBYE ..departed 06:35
Due in from Manchester at 09:40 is TOM9711 B763 G-OOAN ..landed 10:59 parking stand 7
Due in from Manchester at 14:35 is TCX862P A320 G-OMYA ..landed 15:22 parking stand 9
Due out to Manchester at 16:10 is BEE045W DH8D G-JEDO ..departed 15:45
Due out to Newcastle at 16:26 is BEE046W DH8D G-JEDW ..departed 16:57

Arrivals Board

00:55WOW9111Swallow 911GlasgowDH8CAir SouthwestG-WOWEDiverted BRS
04:40TOM752.BridgetownB763Thomson AWG-OBYE05:277
08:20BE281.Belfast CityDH8DFlybeG-JEDJ09:111
08:20BE1431Jersey 143FGlasgowDH8DFlybeG-JEDO08:243Tech, to stand 17
08:25BE581Jersey 9DLEdinburghDH8DFlybeG-JEDW11:213Tech, to stand 16
10:15KL1059.AmsterdamFK10KLM CityhopperPH-OFO10:0211
10:35RE311.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CBK10:511
11:30WW2002Baby 10FEdinburghB733bmibabyG-TOYK11:2813
12:25BE1432Jersey 143GParis CDGDH8DFlybeG-JECW14:253
13:00TOM4772Thomson 1DMAlicanteB752Thomson AWG-BYAS15:3210
16:00KL1063.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZE15:4311
20:10WW2642.AlicanteB733bmibabyG-OBMP20:053Landed 30
20:15WW2736Baby 93CFaroB733bmibabyG-OGBD20:0813Landed 30
21:40KL1069.AmsterdamFK10KLM CityhopperPH-OFP21:4811
21:55WW2202Baby 37EMalagaB733bmibabyG-TOYK21:2612Landed 30

Departures Board

23:30 FriRE4486.Shannon/CorkAT72Aer ArannEI-REA00:06
06:00KL1058.AmsterdamFK10KLM CityhopperPH-OFP06:03
07:00TOM4771Thomson 9CVAlicanteB752Thomson AWG-BYAS(10:02)From BRS
08:30WW2001Baby 45ZEdinburghB733bmibabyG-TOYK08:37
08:45BE282.Belfast CityDH8DFlybeG-JEDJ09:42
08:45BE1431.Paris CDGDH8DFlybeG-JECW11:01
08:50BE677.NewcastleDH8DFlybeCombined with BE582
10:30TOM637.BridgetownB763Thomson AWG-OOAN12:22
10:55KL1060.AmsterdamFK10KLM CityhopperPH-OFO10:53
11:00RE312.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CBK11:23
13:00BE1432Jersey 14HGlasgowDH8DFlybeG-JECW15:23
14:15WW2735Baby 58AFaroB733bmibabyG-OGBD14:29
16:40KL1064.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZE16:30

Friday, November 28, 2008

LOG Friday 28/11/2008

Cardiff IAP Runway in use 30 12 10:30
Departing to Dublin at 08:24 is Cessna T.206H EI-SPB
Landing at 10:05 from Alderney is Cessna F.182Q N182GC parking stand 15
Landing at 10:28 from Guernsey is Cessna 425 N577PA parking stand 15 ..departed 10:47 back to Guernsey
Due in from Northolt at 10:45 is Beech 300 Super King Air N37172 ..landed 11:10 parking stand 15 ..departed to Northolt 15:04
Carrying out a touch and go at 14:10 is Swansea based PA-38 Tomahawk G-BOHU
Due in from Le Bourget at 15:30 is "EGL361" Beech 200 G-KVIP ..landed 16:49 parking stand 15 (landed on 30) ..departed to Exeter 17:17
Inbound 18:25 from Staverton is "GoJet28CT" Cessna 550 G-FCDB c/n 550-0985 ..departs to Southend in an hour ..landed 18:33 parking stand 15 ..departed 20:00
BAMC Happenings
Engine running in the run pen from 11:50 for a couple of hours is B744 G-BNLB
Engine running c16:00 B772 G-YMMF

LOG 28/11/2007

Due in today..thanks Andy

HB-FOX PC12 from Zurich ETA 11.40...this one is for the Wales GB Rally this weekend
CWL76 BE20 from Cranwell ETA 10.40
NJE3GX C56X from Norwich ETA 10.10

Currently (1000) doing circuits is G-JPSX a Falcon 900EX EASy

Noted on echo at 1145hrs were an RAF Beech 200 ZK453/M from 45[R]Sqdn Cranwell, A Cessna 560 Excel CS-DXJ of NetJets Europe, Cessna 525 SP-KKA is still in and landing was PC-12 HB-FOX for the rally

Beech 200 ZK453/M is now departing to Cranwell c/s "Cranwell 76" (1255)

The C560 CS-DXJ is now (1530) about to depart to Norwich c/s "NJE3GX"

Just gone (1625) Westbound along the coast is G-MSPT an EC135 helicopter that will be landing at Fairwood Common

Just landing (1650) is a Chinook c/s "Vortex 520"...parking on echo..The Chinook is now departing (1915)

Another helicopter heading West to Swansea (1940)..this one is G-CDWY an Agusta A-109...presumably for the rally.

BAMC Happenings

Noted in the Southern NIF was B744 G-BNLT

BOARDS Friday 28/11/2008

Fridays Boards
Due in from East Midlands at 10:50 is "BMI9451" B733 G-OBMP ..landed 10:44 parking stand 13
There may be a Flybe E190 flight to/from Rome-Ciampino this afternoon, but the tracking sites seem confused with the times. They have "BEE14" from Exeter arriving 12:26, "BEE16" to Rome departing 12:10, "BEE17" from Rome arriving 14:28 and "BEE15" to Exeter departing 12:10. Lets see what happens. Sweet FA.
Diverting in from Manchester (via an attempt at Liverpool) is "BE556" DH8D G-JECW ..landed 21:14 parking stand 16
Due in from Cork at 22:30 is "REA486P" AT72 EI-REA ..into Hold 22:11 ..landed 22:35 parking stand 1
WW2774 G-OGBD had two go-rounds at 21:54 & 22:08 due to low visibility, then entered the hold, then diverted to Bristol at 22:30 ..landed Bristol 22:44
TOM4752 G-BYAS entered the hold at 23:35, then diverted to Bristol at 23:41 ..landed Bristol 23:54

Arrivals Board

08:05T34641Eastflight 14RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJG08:091
08:20BE1431Jersey 143FGlasgowDH8DFlybeG-JECO08:183
08:25BE581Jersey 9DLEdinburghDH8DFlybeG-JEDW08:461
09:35RE311.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CPT10:211
10:00HWY602Highway 602CRAF ValleyJS31Highland AWG-EIGG09:368
10:05WW2002Baby 10FEdinburghB733bmibabyG-OGBD09:4312
10:15KL1059.AmsterdamFK10KLM CityhopperPH-KZH09:5911
11:00BE281.Belfast CityDH8DFlybeG-JEDJ10:571
11:00RE421Arann 21FCorkAT72Aer ArannEI-REA10:413
12:05WW2202Baby 37EMalagaB733bmibabyG-TOYK12:059
12:25BE1432Jersey 143GParis CDGDH8DFlybeG-JECO12:083
13:35KL1065.AmsterdamFK10KLM CityhopperPH-OFI13:2511
14:45T34645Eastflight 54RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJG14:381
15:20BE1435Jersey 443C GlasgowDH8DFlybeG-JEDO15:229
16:00KL1063.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZL15:5611landed 30
16:05WW2992.AmsterdamB733bmibabyG-TOYK15:521landed 30
16:10RE313.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CPT16:093
17:45HWY604Highway 604CRAF ValleyJS31Highland AWG-EIGG17:218
18:15T34647Eastflight 74RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJG18:091
19:20BE1436Jersey 136GParis CDGDH8DFlybeG-JEDO19:0410landed 30
19:30BE285.Belfast CityDH8DFlybeG-JEDI19:291
20:20RE315.DublinAT72Aer ArannEI-REB21:031
21:40KL1069.AmsterdamFK10KLM CityhopperPH-OFP21:3111landed 30
22:10WW2774.GlasgowB733bmibabyG-OGBDSee above
22:20WW2934.Palma MallorcaB733bmibabyG-OBMP22:1212
23:45TOM4752Thomson 14XTenerife SurB752Thomson AWG-BYASSee Above

Departures Board

06:00KL1058.AmsterdamFK10KLM CityhopperPH-OFC06:04
06:45WW2001Baby 45ZEdinburghB733bmibabyG-OGBD06:50
07:30HWY601Highway 601VRAF ValleyJS31Highland AWG-EIGG07:31
08:35T34642Eastflight 24RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJG08:40
08:45BE1431.Paris CDGDH8DFlybeG-JECO08:52
10:05RE312.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CPT10:49
10:55KL1060.AmsterdamFK10KLM CityhopperPH-KZH10:53
11:25BE282.Belfast CityDH8DFlybeG-JEDJ11:28
11:25RE422Arann 22FCorkAT72Aer ArannEI-REA11:24
13:00BE1432Jersey 14HGlasgowDH8DFlybeG-JECO13:01
14:15KL1066.AmsterdamFK10KLM CityhopperPH-OFI14:18
14:30TOM4751Thomson 7JETenerife SurB752Thomson AWG-BYAU14:36
15:15HWY603Highway 603VRAF ValleyJS31Highland AWG-EIGG15:07
15:15T34646Eastflight 64RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJG15:14
15:45BE1435.Paris CDGDH8DFlybeG-JEDO15:57
16:35RE314.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CPT16:42departed 30
16:40KL1064.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZL16:50departed 30
16:45WW2933.Palma MallorcaB733bmibabyG-OBMP16:56
17:30WW2333Baby 46SAldergroveB733bmibabyG-TOYK17:38
18:45T34648Eastflight 84RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJG18:34
19:55BE286.Belfast CityDH8DFlybeG-JEDI20:02
20:25BE586Jersey 4FMEdinburghDH8DFlybeG-ECOA20:39
20:45RE316.DublinAT72Aer ArannEI-REB21:37departed 30
23:30RE4486.Shannon/CorkAT72Aer ArannEI-REA00:06 Sat

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