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Friday, July 31, 2009

LOG Friday 31/07/2009

Cardiff IAP Runway in use 12
A Flypast by two fast jets is due over Cardiff Castle, heading west, between 12:10 and 12:30 local. Carried out by a single Harrier GR.7/9 "Ninja 2" at 12:15 which then departed to the North and back to Cottesmore.
Inbound at 08:20 is BMI Beech 58 G-BNUN ..landed 08:39 parking stand 6 ..departed 08:50
Based Aircraft Movements
Departing at 08:11 to the East is PA-28 G-OPET ..landed 12:47
Departing at 13:08 to Haverfordwest is Jodel G-ASXY ..turned back at Port Talbot due to weather and landed 14:12 ..into the circuit 14:45 ..landed 15:10
Inbound 17:25 for a circuit prior to landing is DragonFly Beech 200 G-MEGN ..go-round 17:42 and landed 17:49
BAMC Happenings
Due out at 17:10 to Heathrow is BAW9183 B772 G-YMMS ..departed 16:54
Transients (Below FL160)
Departing Miskin Manor at 09:10 enroute to Kemble is AB.206B G-CCBL
Inbound Maindy Barracks at 09:56 is "Ascot 1560" 32(TR)Sqn A.109E ZR321 ..departed 15:08 to Shawbury
Carrying out a photo survey over Barry Docks at 11:35 is R.22 G-HONI
Inbound to Swansea at 11:45 for an approach and departure to Filton for further training is "Ascot 671" LTW Hercules C.3A XV188
Departing Castlemartin Range at 11:50 are two 48thFW F-15E Strike Eagles callsign "Rico 61/62"
Landing at its site in Cowbridge at 15:25 is Enstrom 480B G-CUDY
Westbound 18:15 to route through the zone via the Flatholme and Lavernock VRP's is AS.365 Dauphin EI-DUF
Interesting OTT (Above FL160)
08:25 "Reach 1197" C-17A 01-0197 WB FL280 MAM-GITUS ..437thAW Charleston AFB SC
08:35 "Reach 6161" C-17A 06-6161 EB FL350 GAPLI/GITUS-MAM ..60thAMW Travis AFB CA
08:50 "Reach 6165" C-17A 06-6165 EB FL350 GAPLI/GITUS-MAM ..436thAW Dover AFB DE
09:00 "Reach 344" C-17A 01-0193 EB FL330 GAPLI/GITUS-MAM ..437thAW Charleston AFB SC
11:15 "N500PC" GLF4 N500PC WB FL440 UL9 CPT-STU ..Noble Leasing LLC
11:16 "N914J" GLF5 N914J WB FL400 UL9 CPT-STU ..Metromedia Co
13:20 "Reach 3119" C-17A 03-3119 WB FL320 MAM-GITUS ..183rdAS MS ANG Jackson MS
21:00 CRL881F A332 F-HBIL EB FL410 STU-BCN-CPT ..Corsair International [Halifax NS- Paris Orly]
MOD St Athan Runway in use 08
UWAS Tutors active today : G-BYVW, G-BYWA
Inbound at 08:10 is "1KA11" 8 Flt EC.155 ZJ783 ..landed 08:22 ..departed 08:37 to the East ..returned 15:50 from Colchester as "1RT13" ..departed 15:54 to the North

BOARDS Friday 31/07/2009

Parked on stand 12 is the tech Flybe DH8D G-JECV ..departed 13:18 to Edinburgh as BEE043D
Scheduled Arrivals
00:50TCX416L.LanzaroteA321Thomas Cook ALG-DHJH00:16-
08:05T34641Eastflight 14RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJW07:543
08:25BE1431Jersey 143FGlasgowDH8DFlybeG-JEDW08:289
09:35RE311.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CVR09:313
10:00HWY602Highway 602CRAF ValleyJS31Highland AWG-JURA09:268
10:15WW2002Baby 10FEdinburghB733bmibabyG-TOYI10:069
10:40KL1059.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-OFE11:1911
10:50BE281.Belfast CityDH8DFlybeG-JECG10:363
11:35WW2936.Palma MallorcaB733bmibabyG-TOYH11:3410
11:45TCX768L.IbizaA321Thomas Cook ALG-DHJH11:469
12:20BE1432Jersey 143GParis CDGDH8DFlybeG-JEDW12:363
12:50RE313.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CVR12:491
12:55KL1065.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZG12:5511
12:55WW2642.AlicanteB733bmibabyG-TOYA15:503Frame change
14:35TOM6515Thomson 6PWZakynthosB752Thomson AWG-OOBG14:5710
14:55BE6982Logan 10AXAberdeenSF34FlybeG-LGNN14:547opb Loganair
15:00TOM6507Thomson 6GECorfuB738Thomson AWG-FDZB15:0713
15:30BE1435Jersey 443C GlasgowDH8DFlybeG-JEDV15:469
16:10RE421Arann 21FCorkAT43Aer ArannEI-CVR16:041
16:50WW2202Baby 37EMalagaB733bmibabyG-TOYB17:093
16:55KL1063.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZW16:4711
17:45HWY604Highway 604CRAF ValleyJS31Highland AWG-JURA17:068
17:50WW2968.Murcia San JavierB733bmibabyG-TOYH17:463
18:15T34647Eastflight 74RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJZ18:111
18:45TCX557L.MahonA321Thomas Cook ALG-DHJH18:509
19:15WW2736Baby 93CFaroB733bmibabyG-TOYA22:0214
19:20BE1436Jersey 136GParis CDGDH8DFlybeG-JEDV19:3210
19:20YW5676.AmsterdamCRJ2Air NostrumEC-JOD19:176Departs Sat 19:30 (pics above)
19:30BE285.Belfast CityDH8DFlybeG-JECZ19:231
20:20RE315.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-REM20:161
22:15KL1069.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZR22:0011

Scheduled Departures
06:00TCX768K.IbizaA321Thomas Cook ALG-DHJH06:04
06:00WW2935.Palma MallorcaB733bmibabyG-TOYH06:07
06:05KL1058.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZE06:09
06:30TOM6514Thomson 4DCZakynthosB752Thomson AWG-OOBG07:02
07:05WW2001Baby 45ZEdinburghB733bmibabyG-TOYI07:16
07:20TOM6506Thomson 7TPCorfuB738Thomson AWG-FDZB07:31
07:30HWY601Highway 601VRAF ValleyJS31Highland AWG-JURA07:34
08:35T34642Eastflight 24RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJW08:33
08:50BE1431.Paris CDGDH8DFlybeG-JEDW09:04
10:00RE312.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CVR10:07
11:15BE282.Belfast CityDH8DFlybeG-JECG11:21
11:20KL1060.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-OFE12:03
12:05WW2967.Murcia San JavierB733bmibabyG-TOYH12:33
12:45TCX557K.MahonA321Thomas Cook ALG-DHJH13:30
12:55BE1432Jersey 14HGlasgowDH8DFlybeG-JEDW13:20
13:20RE422Arann 22FCorkAT43Aer ArannEI-CVR13:33
13:20WW2735Baby 58AFaroB733bmibabyG-TOYA16:34
13:35KL1066.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZG13:36
15:15HWY603Highway 603VRAF ValleyJS31Highland AWG-JURA15:15
15:25BE6983Logan 13BYAberdeenSF34FlybeG-LGNN15:28opb Loganair
15:55BE1435.Paris CDGDH8DFlybeG-JEDV16:19
15:55TOM6554.Tenerife SurB752Thomson AWG-OOBG16:16
16:35RE314.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CVR16:40
16:45TOM6538Thomson 96KBourgasB738Thomson AWG-FDZB16:59
17:35KL1064.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZW17:34
18:45T34648Eastflight 84RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJZ18:44
19:55BE286.Belfast CityDH8DFlybeG-JECZ20:01
20:00TCX319K.Tenerife SurA321Thomas Cook ALG-DHJH20:17
20:30BE586Jersey 4FMEdinburghDH8DFlybeG-ECOD20:28
20:45RE316.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-REM20:47

Thursday, July 30, 2009

LOG Thursday 30/07/2009

Cardiff IAP Runway in use 30
Landing 08:05 is Cessna 550 Citation II N550LD ..parking on echo ..departed 08:31 to the south and the SAM
Inbound at 10:45 from Baldonnel for separate touch-and-go's are "FAF6441" (10:56) & "FAF6442" (11:03) EAC00.314 Alphajets E134/314-LJ & E42/314-TA ..departed home via LIZAD
Inbound 17:55 is Cessna 550 N550LD ..landed 18:05 parking stand 15 ..departed 18:14
Inbound 18:45 from Oxford for crew training is "Hangar 800" Hawker 900XP G-OTAZ ..entering the hold 19:00 ..go-rounds 19:11, 19:21, 19:35, 19:42, 19:48, 19:54 ..landed 20:00 ..departed 20:12 after a crew change for more circuits ..go-rounds 20:18, 20:26, 20:37 ..landed 20:48 ..departed 20:57 back to Oxford
Based Aircraft Movements
Departing 18:20 is PA-32 Cherokee Six G-AZDJ ..back in for circuits 18:55
Transients (Below FL160)
Westbound 11:50 on a flight to Swansea is PA-22 Tri-Pacer G-ARFB
Interesting OTT (Above FL160)
00:05 TAY847X B463 OO-TAH EB FL270 STU-NUMPO-MID ..TNT Airways [Lisbon-Dublin-Liege]
07:45 AIC160 B738 VT-AYB EB FL390 STU-DIKAS ..Air India [delivery flight Gander-Frankfurt]
08:35 "N888HE" GLF5 N888HE WB FL430 North of DIKAS ..Harrahs Operating Co [Biggin Hill-Opa Locka]
09:05 "Reach 9062" C-17A 99-0062 WB FL300 MAM-GITUS ..62ndAW McChord AFB, WA
12:35 "Reach 8057" C-17A 98-0057 EB FL350 GAPLI/GITUS-MAM ..62ndAW McChord AFB, WA
13:50 "Reach 648" C-17A 03-3116 EB FL310 GAPLI/GITUS-MAM ..183rdAS/MS ANG Jackson, MS
14:18 "Reach 7034" C-5B 87-0034 EB FL330 GAPLI/GITUS-MAM ..60thAMW Travis AFB, CA
14:35 "Reach 7048" C-17A 97-0048 WB FL340 MAM-DIKAS-STU ..437thAW Charleston AFB, SC
15:15 "Reach 511" C-17A 94-0068 WB FL340 MAM-DIKAS-STU ..437thAW Charleston AFB, SC
15:18 "N914J" GLF5 N914J EB descending STU-BCN ..Metromedia Co
17:40 "Reach 282" KC-10A 85-0031 WB FL340 MAM-GITUS ..305thAMW McGuire AFB, NJ
18:55 "SAM 5340" C-37B 06-0500 WB FL450 descending CPT-SLANY ..89thAW Andrews AFB, MD
19:18 "N800PW" ASTR N800PW EB FL370 at NUMPO ..Aur Revoir Ltd [Bangor-Gander-Shannon-???]
19:55 "N35CD" GLF5 N35CD WB FL400 CPT-STU ..Schering-Plough Corp
21:20 "Cobra 70" OC-135B 61-2670 EB decending STU-DIKAS ..45thRS/55thWG Offutt AFB, NE [Inbound Mildenhall]

MOD St Athan Runway in use 26
UWAS Tutors active toda : G-BYVW, G-BYWD

BOARDS Thursday 30/07/2009

Due in from Birmingham at 02:15 is BMI9441 B733 G-TOYI ..landed 02:01
Parked on stand 12 is the tech Flybe DH8D G-JECV
Due in from Edinburgh at 22:45 is BEE041D DH8D G-JEDJ ..landed 23:30 parking stand 10
Scheduled Arrivals
02:00TOM6371Thomson 3LMIbizaB752Thomson AWG-OOBG01:437
02:45TCX256L.RhodesA321Thomas Cook ALG-DHJH02:119
06:00TOM6383Thomson 1HPKosB738Thomson AWG-FDZB05:4413
08:05T34641Eastflight 14RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJT07:561
08:25BE1431Jersey 143FGlasgowDH8DFlybeG-JECR08:203
09:35RE311.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CVR09:081
10:00HWY602Highway 602CRAF ValleyJS31Highland AWG-JURA09:278
10:15WW2002Baby 10FEdinburghB733bmibabyG-TOYJ09:493
10:40KL1059.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZE10:3011
10:50BE281.Belfast CityDH8DFlybeG-ECOV10:331
11:35WW2936.Palma MallorcaB733bmibabyG-TOYB11:373
12:20BE1432Jersey 143GParis CDGDH8DFlybeG-JECR12:329
12:50RE313.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CVR12:351
12:50TOM6415Thomson 2EVPalma MallorcaB752Thomson AWG-OOBG13:007
12:55KL1065.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZD12:4611
13:25TOM6405Thomson 1ABMalagaB738Thomson AWG-FDZB13:3313
14:50TCX134L.ZakynthosA321Thomas Cook ALG-DHJH14:389
14:55BE6982Logan 10AXAberdeenSF34FlybeG-LGNA14:437opb Loganair
15:30BE1435Jersey 443C GlasgowDH8DFlybeG-JEDV15:1410
16:10RE421Arann 21FCorkAT43Aer ArannEI-CVR15:487
16:50WW2202Baby 37EMalagaB733bmibabyG-TOYJ16:383
16:55KL1063.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZL16:5211
18:15T34647Eastflight 74RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJW18:001
18:45HWY604Highway 604CRAF ValleyJS31Highland AWG-JURA18:128
19:20BE1436Jersey 136GParis CDGDH8DFlybeG-JEDV19:2811
19:30BE285.Belfast CityDH8DFlybeG-JEDN19:321
20:05BE585.EdinburghDH8DFlybeG-JECV19:459tugged to S12 20:18
20:15WW2004.EdinburghB733bmibabyG-TOYH20:183frame change
20:20RE315.DublinAT72Aer ArannEI-REM20:027
21:55WW2736Baby 93CFaroB733bmibabyG-TOYI21:3914
22:15KL1069.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZE22:0011
23:50TOM6447Thomson 2ADHeraklionB738Thomson AWG-FDZB23:42-
23:55TOM709.DalamanB752Thomson AWG-OOBG23:54-

Scheduled Departures
06:00TCX134K.ZakynthosA321Thomas Cook ALG-DHJH06:12
06:00WW2935.Palma MallorcaB733bmibabyG-TOYB06:19
06:05KL1058.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZO06:21
07:00TOM6414.Palma MallorcaB752Thomson AWG-OOBG07:21
07:05WW2001Baby 45ZEdinburghB733bmibabyG-TOYJ07:07
07:15TOM6404Thomson 18WMalagaB738Thomson AWG-FDZB07:16
07:30HWY601Highway 601VRAF ValleyJS31Highland AWG-JURA07:28
08:35T34642Eastflight 24RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJT08:33
08:50BE1431.Paris CDGDH8DFlybeG-JECR08:57
10:00RE312.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CVR09:44
11:20KL1060.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZE11:20
12:55BE1432Jersey 14HGlasgowDH8DFlybeG-JECR13:08
13:20RE422Arann 22FCorkAT43Aer ArannEI-CVR13:13
13:35KL1066.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZD13:34
14:10BE282.Belfast CityDH8DFlybeG-ECOV14:15
14:15TOM708.DalamanB752Thomson AWG-OOBG14:27
14:40TOM6446Thomson 4CWHeraklionB738Thomson AWG-FDZB14:52
15:25BE6983Logan 13BYAberdeenSF34FlybeG-LGNA15:20opb Loganair
15:50TCX416K.LanzaroteA321Thomas Cook ALG-DHJH16:03
15:55BE1435.Paris CDGDH8DFlybeG-JEDV16:05
16:00WW2735Baby 58AFaroB733bmibabyG-TOYI16:14
16:15HWY603Highway 603VRAF ValleyJS31Highland AWG-JURA16:18
16:35RE314.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CVR16:29
17:35KL1064.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZL17:37
18:45T34648Eastflight 84RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJW18:38
19:55BE286.Belfast CityDH8DFlybeG-JEDN20:10
20:30BE586Jersey 4FMEdinburghDH8DFlybeG-JEDJ23:58
20:45RE316.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-REM20:38

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