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Monday, November 30, 2009

LOG Monday 30/11/2009

Cardiff IAP Runway in use 30

Parked on echo is Cessna 182 N182GC
Also parked on echo is PA-32 Cherokee Six G-ILTS
Parked southside is Beech Premier 1 G-OMJC ..departed 08:19 to Rome Ciampino as MHN1119
Landing c.08:50 is DA42 G-PETS parking on Echo ..departed 12:51 via Wenvoe
Carrying out an ILS to 30 at 10:52 is "Police 32" EC135T2 G-WONN ..go-round 10:59 and departed to St.Athan
Inbound the CDF Hold at 11:15 for an approach is "Brunel 2" PA-34 G-FILE ..go-round 11:28 and departed to Bristol
Inbound the CDF Hold at 12:43 for an approach is "Brunel 6" PA-34 G-MAIR ..go-round 13:22 and departed to Bristol
Inbound the CDF Hold at 14:10 for an approach is "Brunel 5" PA-34 G-FILE ..go-round 14:30 and departed to Bristol
Inbound the CDF Hold at 14:52 for an approach is "Dartmoor 02" Beech 76 G-BOFC ..go-round 15:21 and departed to Exeter
Based Aircraft Movements
Departing at 10:42 to Teeside is Dragonfly Beech 200 G-BVMA
Departing at 13:42 to Haverfordwest is Cessna F.172E G-ASUP
Departing at 16:31 via Wenvoe is PA-28 G-OPET ..landed 17:11
BAMC Happenings
Due out to Victorville at 09:30 is BAW9150 B744 G-BNLA ..departed 09:34
Tremorfa Heliport
Inbound at 15:20 from Shobdon is "Pipeline 06" Bell 206B G-BXNT
Over the Top
Below FL160
Inbound at 11:37 to carry out a survey between Newport and Cardiff city is "Atlantic 412" Cessna 402 G-MAPP ..departed the area 13:24 to Coventry
Eastbound at 12:40 from Swansea to Gloucester along the M4 and surveying enroute is R22 G-HONI
Inbound from Coventry at 15:10 to carry out a survey in the Newport area is "Atlantic 409" Cessna F.406 G-LEAF ..departed 19:30 to Coventry (yes, after 4 hours 20 minutes of stooging around at 4,000')
Inbound from Chivenor at 15:44 to carry out a search along the coast near Nash Point is Seaking HAR.3 "Rescue 169" ..returned home c.16:15
Above FL160
13:36 "N585BP" F9EX N585BP EB FL410 EVRIN-NUMPO-CPT ..Beef Products Inc
13:38 "N789ZZ" F9EX N789ZZ WB climbing CPT-NUMPO-EVRIN ..CT Aviation LLC
14:46 "N720WS" GL5T N720WS WB climbing CPT-STU ..American International Group Inc
15:02 "4X-CPS" H25B 4X-CPS WB FL380 CPT-STU
16:14 "Reach 249" C-17A 93-0601 WB FL320 MAM-GITUS ..62ndAW McChord AFB WA

BOARDS Monday 30/11/2009

Inbound at 11:30 from Inverness is "Highway 32P" JS31 G-BTXG ..landed 11:46 parking on Stand 12
Departing at 12:40 to Inverness is "Highway 33P" JS31 G-CCPW
Scheduled Arrivals
08:05T34641Eastflight 14RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJC07:49-
08:25BE581Jersey 9DLEdinburghDH8DFlybeG-JECR08:16-
09:35RE311.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CBK09:17-
09:55WW2002Baby 10FEdinburghB733bmibabyG-TOYK09:319
10:00HWY602Highway 602CRAF ValleyJS31Highland AWG-CCPW09:478
11:05KL1059.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZS10:4511
12:50RE313.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CBK12:331
13:20BE281.Belfast CityDH8DFlybeG-JECT13:151
14:10KL1063.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-JCT14:0511
14:55BE6982Logan 25CDAberdeenSF34Flybe/LoganairG-LGNG14:541
15:30BE1435Jersey 443C GlasgowDH8DFlybeG-KKEV15:163
16:10RE421Arann 21FCorkAT43Aer ArannEI-CBK16:051
18:15T34647Eastflight 74RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJU18:101
18:40TCX891L.Las PalmasA320Thomas Cook ALG-GTDL18:319
18:45HWY604Highway 604CRAF ValleyJS31Highland AWG-BTXG18:188
19:20BE1436Jersey 136GParis CDGDH8DFlybeG-KKEV19:1010
20:15RE315.DublinAT72Aer ArannEI-REL20:381
20:55KL1069.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZS20:5511

Scheduled Departures
06:00KL1058.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZR06:10
06:45WW2001Baby 45ZEdinburghB733bmibabyG-TOYK06:51
07:30HWY601Highway 601VRAF ValleyJS31Highland AWG-CCPW07:35
08:35T34642Eastflight 24RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJC08:34
08:50BE582Jersey 3DEEdinburghDH8DFlybeG-JECR08:52
09:05TCX891K.Las PalmasA320Thomas Cook ALG-GTDL09:09
10:00RE312.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CBK09:58
11:50KL1060.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZS11:49
13:20RE422Arann 22FCorkAT43Aer ArannEI-CBK13:17
13:45BE282.Belfast CityDH8DFlybeG-JECT13:54
15:25BE6983Logan 26DEAberdeenSF34Flybe/LoganairG-LGNG15:38
15:55BE1435.Paris CDGDH8DFlybeG-KKEV16:00
16:15HWY603Highway 603VRAF ValleyJS31Highland AWG-BTXG16:14
16:35RE314.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CBK16:35
16:40KL1064.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-JCT16:41
17:00WW2333Baby 46SAldergroveB733bmibabyG-TOYM19:56
18:45T34648Eastflight 84RNewcastleJS41Eastern AWG-MAJU18:40
20:45RE316.DublinAT72Aer ArannEI-REL21:04

Sunday, November 29, 2009

LOG Sunday 29/11/2009

Cardiff IAP Runway in use 12 30 13:59

Parked on Echo is Beech 200 F-HBRU ..departed 10:45 to La Rochelle (LFBH)
Also parked on Echo is Cessna 182 N182GC
Departing at 09:58 to Caernarfon is "Ambassador 229A" Beech 200 G-WATJ
Inbound at 16:46 is PA-32 Cherokee Six G-ILTS ..landed 17:03 parking on Echo
Due in at 17:38 from Farnborough is MHN1119 Beech Premier I G-OMJC ..landed 17:21 parking on Stand 6 for fuel, repositioned southside 18:05 for Dragonfly
Over the Top
Above FL160
09:54 "Charlie 01" C-37A 01 WB FL400 climbing CPT-STU ..USCG Ronald Reagan Washington NAP VA
10:46 "Reach 628" C-17A 93-0602 EB FL350 GAPLI-MAM ..437thAW Charleston AFB SC
10:50 "Reach 809L" C-17A 02-1100 EB FL350 GAPLI-MAM ..437thAW Charleston AFB SC
11:07 "Reach 144" C-17A 89-1190 EB FL350 GAPLI-MAM ..62ndAW McChord AFB WA
11:34 "Reach 853" C-17A 06-6156 EB FL370 GAPLI-MAM ..60thAMW Travis AFB CA
13:15 "Reach 543" C-17A 03-3116 WB FL340 MAM-GITUS ..183rdAS MS ANG Jackson MS
13:16 "VV378" C-37B 166378 WB FL430 CPT-SHA ..VR-1 NAF Washington MD
14:33 "Reach 614" C-17A 94-0068 WB FL300 MAM-DIKAS-CRK ..437thAW Charleston AFB SC
14:35 "Reach 1192" C-17A 01-0192 WB FL300 MAM-GITUS ..437thAW Charleston AFB SC
14:55 "Reach 182" KC-135R 63-8032 EB FL370 GAPLI-MAM ..72ndARS Grissom AFB IN
16:45 "Reach 339" C-17A 95-0105 WB FL360 MAM-GITUS ..437thAW Charleston AFB SC
17:04 "Reach 2108" C-17A 02-1108 WB FL340 MAM-GITUS ..62ndAW McChord AFB WA
17:56 "Reach 557" C-5A 70-0453 WB FL340 MAM-GAPLI ..68thAS Lackland AFB TX
18:00 "Reach 139" C-17A 06-6155 WB FL340 MAM-GITUS ..60thAMW Travis AFB CA
18:06 "Fendy 61" C-20H 92-0375 EB FL350 STU-CPT ..76thAS 86thAW Ramstein AB Germany
18:40 "CGFHR" CL300 C-GFHR EB FL410 SHA-CPT ..FHR Real Estate Corporation [token civvy]
20:06 "Reach 410" C-17A 00-0181 WB FL300 MAM-GITUS ..62ndAW McChord AFB WA
20:20 "Spar 76" C-37A 01-0076 EB FL410 STU-CPT ..309thAS 86thAW Chievres AB Belgium

BOARDS Sunday 29/11/2009

Tech on Stand 3 is Flybe DH8D G-JECS ..departed 21:16 to Birmingham as BEE043D
Landing at 18:02 from Birmingham is BEE042D DH8D G-ECOG parking on Stand 10
Scheduled Arrivals
11:05KL1059.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZA11:1111
12:00RE311.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CPT11:441
12:20RE421Arann 21FCorkAT72Aer ArannEI-REM12:123
13:40TOM6747Thomson 9YGMalagaB738Thomson AWG-FDZD14:0610
14:10KL1063.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZW13:5711
14:10WW2002Baby 10FEdinburghB733bmibabyG-TOYK13:513
14:55BE6982Logan 25CDAberdeenSF34Flybe/LoganairG-LGNH14:211
15:30BE1435Jersey 443C GlasgowDH8DFlybeG-JECS15:213broken
16:25TCX302L.LanzaroteA320Thomas Cook ALG-GTDL15:509
16:35BE281.Belfast CityDH8DFlybeG-JECT16:281
19:20BE1436Jersey 136GParis CDGDH8DFlybeG-ECOG21:5510bit late
20:20RE315.DublinAT72Aer ArannEI-REL20:167
20:55KL1069.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZR20:5611
23:50TOM6707Thomson 35MLanzaroteB738Thomson AWG-FDZD23:50-

Scheduled Departures
06:00KL1058.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZN06:32
07:20TCX302K.LanzaroteA320Thomas Cook ALG-GTDL07:30
07:35TOM6746Thomson 7PJMalagaB738Thomson AWG-FDZD07:54
11:15WW2001Baby 45ZEdinburghB733bmibabyG-TOYK11:13
11:50KL1060.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZA11:59
12:30RE312.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CPT12:24
12:45RE422Arann 22FCorkAT72Aer ArannEI-REM12:48
14:35WW2333Baby 46SAldergroveB733bmibabyG-TOYK14:43
15:10TOM6706Thomson 87TLanzaroteB738Thomson AWG-FDZD15:22
15:25BE6983Logan 26DEAberdeenSF34Flybe/LoganairG-LGNH15:25
15:55BE1435.Paris CDGDH8DFlybeG-ECOG18:54only 3 hours late
16:40KL1064.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZW16:43
17:00BE282.Belfast CityDH8DFlybeG-JECT17:09
19:00CB652.CambridgeD328Scot AirwaysG-BYMK18:51
19:55BE586Jersey 4FMEdinburghDH8DFlybeG-JECG19:56
19:55BE1436.GlasgowDH8DFlybeG-ECOG22:31not quite so late
20:45RE316.DublinAT72Aer ArannEI-REL20:54

Saturday, November 28, 2009

LOG Saturday 28/11/2009

Cardiff IAP Runway in use 30 12 by 19:00

Parked on Echo is Beech 200 F-HBRU
Parked on Echo is Cessna 182 N182GC
Arriving c.13:30 was Cessna T.182T G-DTFF parked on Echo ..departed 20:16 to Sleap
Based Aircraft Movements
Landing at 19:00 is Dragonfly Beech 200 G-BVMA
Landing at 19:41 from Manchester is Dragonfly Beech 200 G-MEGN
BAMC Happenings
Departing at 20:40 to Heathrow is BAW9171 B744 G-CIVF
Tremorfa Heliport
Landing at 17:40 is A.109S G-IOOZ ..departed 20:00
Departing at 19:35 to a site near Malmesbury is Twin Squirrel "Premiere 14"

BOARDS Saturday 28/11/2009

Parked on Stand 13 is Thomas Cook A320 G-GTDL
Tech on stand 10 is Flybe DH8D G-FLBB ..departed at 00:13 to Edinburgh as BEE043D
Due out to Newcastle at 10:00 is TOM8048 B738 G-FDZD ..departed 10:53
Arriving at 19:56 from Newcastle is TOM8049 B738 G-FDZD parking on Stand 3
Due out to Plymouth at 20:40 is WOW03P DH8C G-WOWB ..departed 20:34
Scheduled Arrivals
10:35RE311.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CPT10:44
10:55WW2002Baby 10FEdinburghB733bmibabyG-TOYK10:55
11:05KL1059.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZV11:04
11:50BE581Jersey 9DLEdinburghDH8DFlybeG-ECOO11:51
13:50TOM6613Thomson 8PHAlicanteB738Thomson AWG-FDZF13:37
14:10KL1063.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZK14:03
15:15CB651.CambridgeD328Scot AirwaysG-BYMK14:36Departs Sunday
20:15WOW9114.NewcastleDH8CAir SouthwestG-WOWB20:157
20:20WW2202Baby 37EMalagaB733bmibabyG-TOYK20:029
20:55KL1069.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZN20:5211
21:15WW2736Baby 93CFaroB733bmibabyG-TOYM20:4814

Scheduled Departures
06:00KL1058.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZK05:58
08:00WW2001Baby 45ZEdinburghB733bmibabyG-TOYK08:06
11:00RE312.DublinAT43Aer ArannEI-CPT11:18
11:50KL1060.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZV11:52
12:15BE582Jersey 3DEEdinburghDH8DFlybeG-ECOO12:23
15:05TOM6612Thomson 6VHAlicanteB738Thomson AWG-FDZF15:40
15:20WW2735Baby 58AFaroB733bmibabyG-TOYM15:17
16:40KL1064.AmsterdamFK70KLM CityhopperPH-KZK16:38

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