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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Log Saturday 31/12/2022

Cardiff IAP ..runway in use 30

ArrivedDepartedFrom/ToFlt No(s)  Callsign(s)Type  Identity  Comments

Belfast City schedEAI3620 Gemstone 2PW AT76EI-GPPStand 1. Tech
13:38 14:35 Geneva/Dublin TOM1653 Tomjet 1653 B738G-TAWWGVA-DUB diversion
13:49 14:30Newcastle/Belfast City schedEAI701P/3621 Gemstone 401P/21VC AT76EI-GZWPositioned in
JerseyFLJ63TFlexair 63T E550G-FTFXStand 12

St Athan Airfield ..closed until January 3rd

ArrivedDepartedFrom/ToFlt No(s)  Callsign(s)Type  Identity  Comments

Cardiff Heliport 

ArrivedDepartedFrom/ToFlt No(s)  Callsign(s)Type  Identity  Comments

Boards Saturday 31/12/2022

Scheduled Arrivals
STAFlightCallsignFromTypeOperatorIdentity Comments
08:00FR678Ryanair 9JLDublinEI-EVL-
11:30EI3620Gemstone 2PWBelfast CityEI-GPP-
12:20TOM6645Tomjet 38YAlicanteG-TAWR-
12:55VY1260Vueling 743PMalagaEC-MLELate, 14:54
16:35KLC1065City 1065AmsterdamPH-EXR-
23:05TOM6659Tomjet 8CDLas PalmasG-TAWR

Scheduled Departures
STDFlightCallsignDestinationTypeOperatorIdentity Comments
06:00KL1058KLM 1058AmsterdamPH-EXO-
06:15TOM6644Tomjet 7PWAlicanteG-TAWR-
08:25FR679Ryanair 2WDublinEI-EVL-
12:00EI3621Gemstone 21VCBelfast CityEI-GZWLate, 14:30
13:30VY1261Vueling 3JUMalagaEC-MLELate, 15:49
13:45TOM6658Tomjet 47JLas PalmasG-TAWR-
17:10KLC1066City 1066AmsterdamPH-EXR-

Friday, December 30, 2022

Log Friday 30/12/2022

Cardiff IAP ..runway in use 30

ArrivedDepartedFrom/ToFlt No(s)  Callsign(s)Type  Identity  Comments

07:5309:02Dublin/Dublin EAI3280/401P Gemstone 8DG/401P B744EI-GZVBristol Diversion
14:4715:03St Athan/St Athan CG187 Coastguard 187A187G-MCGXTraining

St Athan Airfield ..closed until January 3rd

ArrivedDepartedFrom/ToFlt No(s)  Callsign(s)Type  Identity  Comments

Cardiff Heliport 

ArrivedDepartedFrom/ToFlt No(s)  Callsign(s)Type  Identity  Comments

Boards Friday 30/12/2022

Scheduled Arrivals
11:30EI3620Gemstone 2PWBelfast CityEI-GPP-
15:30VY1241Vueling 8EDAlicanteEC-JYX-
15:55LM337Logan 17QEdinburghG-SAJO-
16:35KLC1065City 1065AmsterdamPH-EXH-
16:45FR678Ryanair 9JLDublinEI-EST-
19:55TOM6555Tomjet 4GXTenerife SurG-TAWRFrame change
21:40KL1069KLM 27HAmsterdamPH-EXO-

Scheduled Departures
06:00KL1058KLM 1058AmsterdamPH-EXV-
10:45TOM6554Tomjet 2CLTenerife SurG-TUKF-
12:00EI3621Gemstone 21VCBelfast CityEI-GPP-
16:05VY1240Vueling 9TEAlicanteEC-JYX-
16:25LM338Logan 33YBEdinburghG-SAJOLate, 17:38
17:10KLC1066City 1066AmsterdamPH-EXH-
17:10FR679Ryanair 2WDublinEI-EST-

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Log Thursday 29/12/2022

Cardiff IAP ..runway in use 30

ArrivedDepartedFrom/ToFlt No(s)  Callsign(s)Type  Identity  Comments
22/1211:53 -/Shannon HGO401Hampton 401 B744G-UNET
Pipeline 62AS55G-NETR
15:06 -Shannon HGO402Hampton 402 B744G-UNETEcho

G-UNET - Picture credit IanG

St Athan Airfield ..closed until January 3rd

ArrivedDepartedFrom/ToFlt No(s)  Callsign(s)Type  Identity  Comments

Cardiff Heliport 

ArrivedDepartedFrom/ToFlt No(s)  Callsign(s)Type  Identity  Comments

Boards Thursday 29/12/2022

Scheduled Arrivals
11:30EI3620Gemstone 2PWBelfast CityEI-GPO-
15:50LM337Logan 17QEdinburghG-SAJS-
16:35KLC1065City 1065AmsterdamPH-EXZ-
19:25LM339Logan 339EdinburghG-SAJS-
19:30TOM6423Tomjet 9VBLanzaroteG-TUKFFrame change
21:40KL1069KLM 27HAmsterdamPH-EXV-

Scheduled Departures
06:00KL1058KLM 1058AmsterdamPH-EXP-
10:30TOM6422Tomjet 9ATLanzaroteG-TAWW-
12:00EI3621Gemstone 21VCBelfast CityEI-GPO-
16:20LM338Logan 33YBEdinburghG-SAJSLate, 17:18
17:10KLC1066City 1066AmsterdamPH-EXZ-
19:55LM340Logan 340EdinburghG-SAJS-

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

St.Athan residents 2022

The following are believed to be current unless otherwise stated.
For movements at Horizon Aircraft Services, eCube Solutions, GJD Services and Caerdav see the top dropdown menu.
For 2012-2021 movements see the bottom of the right hand side bar.

University of Wales Air Squadron - callsign "UAWxx"

G-BYVB/VB Grob G.115E Tutor (82112/E) ..departed 23/02/22 to Wittering ..arrived 25/05/22 from Wittering as AAC762

G-BYVC/VC Grob G.115E Tutor (82112/E) ..arrived 30/11/21 from Wittering ..departed 03/11/22 to Leeming as AAC764

G-BYWK/WK Grob G.115E Tutor (82146/E) ..arrived 18/01/22 from Wittering NOTE: Transponder miscoded with hex code allocated to G-BYWL so shows as such on tracking sites

G-BYXC/XC Grob G.115E Tutor (82163/E) ..arrived 06/10/21 from Wittering ..departed 25/05/22 to Wittering as AAC762

G-BYXL/XL Grob G.115E Tutor (82172/E) ..arrived 03/11/22 from Leeming

G-JPVA/XW289/73 BAC Jet Provost T.5A (EEP/JP/953) Gate Guard (on loan from Horizon Aircraft Services)
Picture credit IanG

NPAS St Athan - callsign "Police 32"
Helicopters from adjacent NPAS units, notably G-HEOI & G-CPAO, regularly visit or stand-in whilst NWOI is on maintenance.

G-NWOI Eurocopter EC.135P2+ (0887) ..departed 24/11/22
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Bristow Group - callsign "Coastguard/Rescue 187/188"
Bristow SAR
Started operations on 04/10/15 from a new purpose-built hangar in the Southwestern corner of the airfield as part of the UK SAR contract. 
Two AgustaWestland AW189s replaced two AW139s in 08/18. 

G-MCGO Agusta-Westland AW189 (92002) ..arrived 12/08/22 from Lee-on-Solent ..departed 04/09/22 to Lee-on-Solent
Picture credit StuC

G-MCGS Agusta-Westland AW189 (92005) ..arrived 09/02/22 from Prestwick ..departed c04/22 ..arrived 15/06/22 ..departed 19/07/22 to Lydd ..arrived 19/10/22 from Lydd ..departed 21/10/22 to Lee-on-Solent

G-MCGU Agusta-Westland AW189 (92007) ..arrived 10/11/22 from Lydd Lee-on-Solent 16-20/11/22 for maintenance ..departed 23/11/22 to Lee-on-Solent ..arrived 09/12/22 from Lydd ..departed 30/12/22 to Lee-on-Solent
AgustaWestland AW189 G-MCGU Coastguard Bristow
Picture credit James Thomas

G-MCGW Agusta-Westland AW189 (92009) ..arrived 19/10/21 from Lee-on-Solent ..departed 12/08/22 to Lee-on-Solent ..arrived 12/09/22 from Lee-on-Solent ..departed 04/10/22 to Lee-on-Solent
Picture credit IanG

G-MCGX Agusta-Westland AW189 (92010) ..arrived 09/09/21 from Lee-on-Solent ..departed 09/02/22 to Lee-on-Solent ..arrived 01/04/22 from Lee-on-Solent
Picture credit StuC

Special Forces Support Group 

VN-A190 Boeing 737-4H6 (27383) ..fuselage only arrived late May/early June 2013 from Kemble for training purposes
Taken at Kemble, credit StuC 

Private Residents

Hangared with Horizon. Some spend time at Cardiff.

G-AMZT Auster J/5F Aiglet Trainer (3107)
Pictured at Kemble in 07/11, credit StuC

G-ASUP Cessna F.172E Skyhawk (F172-0071)
G-ASUP Cessna F.172E
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-AZCZ Beagle B.121 Pup Series 2 (B121-167) 
Picture credit Jac Osborne

G-AZFM/333 Piper PA-28R-200 Cherokee Arrow (28R-7135218) ..departed 24/03/22 to Thruxton
Picture credit IanG

G-AZOF AESL Airtourer T5 Super 150 (A549) 
Picture credit IanG

G-BBTY Beech C23 Sundowner (M-1525)
Picture credit RichT

G-BHGO Piper PA-32-260 Cherokee Six (32-7800007) ..arrived 09/03/18 
G-BHGO PA-32 Cherokee Six 260
Picture credit Keith Morgan

G-BNPH/WV740 Percival Pembroke C.1 ..arrived 04/05/12
Picture credit StuC

G-GBVX Robin DR.400/120A Petit Prince (1419) ..arrived 22/11/21 for local syndicate
Robin DR.400-120A G-GBVX
Picture credit Phillip Wilmshurst

G-GNEE TLAC Ikarus C42 FB100 Charlie (2202-7678) ..arrived 22/11/22

G-JANN Piper PA-34-220T Seneca III (3433133) 
Picture credit Jac Osborne

G-KIRC Challis Chaffinch (1008) ..arrived 10/11/22 by road from Gileston
Picture credit IanG

G-NEEE Reims/Cessna F172M Skyhawk II (F17201350) ..arrived early 2017 from Bodmin as G-BCZM, re-reg 26/04/17
G-NEEE Cessna
Picture credit Keith Morgan

N2401Z Piper PA-23-250 Aztec F (27-8054034) ..arrived early 2012
N2401Z PA-23-350 Aztec F
Picture credit Keith Morgan

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