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St.Athan - Caerdav

Aviation maintenance, engineering, technical services and training group launched in 2012 by Bruce Dickinson and Mario Fulgoni as Cardiff Aviation Ltd. Restructured and rebranded as Caerdav 03/06/19.
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2023 SitRep (current in red)

9H-QAD  B738  Malta Air ..arrived 05/03/23 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 23/03/23 to Bergamo as RYR805
9H-QCN B738 Malta Air ..arrived 30/11/23 for scheduled maintainance
9H-QEE B738 Malta Air ..arrived 17/10/23 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 01/11/23 to Stansted as RYR1133
9H-QEF B738 Malta Air ..arrived 02/10/23 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 17/10/23 to Stansted as RYR1137
9H-QEM B738 Malta Air ..arrived 01/11/23 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 15/11/23 to Stansted
9H-QEN B738 Malta Air ..arrived 15/11/23 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 30/11/23 to Milan
C-FANS  B738  Sunwing/TUI ..arrived 23/04/23 for post lease checks and re-reg to G-TAWS ..departed 09/05/23 to Stansted as TOM972P
D-ABKI  B738  TUIfly ..arrived 27/03/23 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 30/03/23 to Dusseldorf as TUI832P
D-ABKM  B738  TUIfly ..arrived 09/05/23 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 09/06/23 to Dusseldorf as TUI823P
D-ASUN  B738  TUIfly ..arrived 17/04/23 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 03/05/23 to Liege as TUI810P
D-ATUK  B738  TUIfly ..arrived 10/04/23 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 12/05/23 to Hannover as TUI916P
  B738  Ryanair ..arrived 10/02/23 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 24/03/23 to Stansted as RYR5656
EI-EFO  B738  Ryanair ..arrived 28/11/22 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 09/01/23 to Dublin as RYR450
EI-EFZ  B738  Ryanair ..arrived 09/12/22 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 30/01/23 to Stansted as RYR197
EI-EGC  B738  Ryanair ..arrived 30/01/23 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 05/03/23 to Stansted as RYR8007
EI-EKE  B738  Ryanair ..arrived 09/01/23 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 10/02/23 to Stansted as RYR990
EI-EKO B738 Ryanair ..arrived 30/09/23 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 31/10/23 to Stansted as RYR2868
EI-EME B738 Ryanair ..arrived 31/10/23 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 29/11/23 to Stansted as RYR782 
EI-EMF  B738  Ryanair ..arrived 31/08/23 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 30/09/23 to Stansted as RYR100M 
EI-ENC B738 Ryanair ..arrived 29/11/23 for scheduled maintenance
G-TAWJ  B738  TUI Airways ..arrived 27/03/23 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 31/03/23 to Glasgow as TOM921P
G-TAWW B738 TUI Airways ..arrived 10/05/23 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 09/06/23 to Birmingham as TOM932P
G-TAWY  B738  TUI Airways ..arrived 03/04/23 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 07/04/23 to Manchester as TOM971P
HZ-FAD A320 Flyadeal ..arrived 25/07/23 for scheduled maintenance ..departed 28/07/23 to Jeddah as FAD8528
N291CR  (ex G-OBYG)  B763  ex TUI Airways ..departed 14/01/23 as OMD297 to Israel for freighter conversion
PH-OYI B763 TUI Airlines Netherlands ..arrived 03/04/23 for maintenance and storage ..airtest 24/07/23 TFL068P/069P to/from Amsterdam ..departed 01/08/23 to Tel Aviv as TFL066P

2023 Arrivals 

Reg:  9H-QCN Type: Boeing 737-800/W
MSN: 44833/6910 Operator: Malta Air
Arrived/From: 30/11/23 - Cologne Arrival Flt No: RYR8007
Departure Flt No:

Reg:  EI-ENC Type: Boeing 737-8AS/W
MSN: 34980/3419 Operator: Ryanair
Arrived/From: 29/11/23 - Stansted Arrival Flt No: RYR781
Departure Flt No:

Reg:  9H-QEN Type: Boeing 737-800/W
MSN: 44827/6880 Operator: Malta Air
Arrived/From: 15/11/23 - Stansted Arrival Flt No: RYR59
Departed/To: 30/11/23 - Milan Departure Flt No:RYR8008
Picture credit IanG

Reg:  9H-QEM Type: Boeing 737-800/W
MSN: 44825/6873 Operator: Malta Air
Arrived/From: 01/11/23 - Dublin Arrival Flt No: RYR1132
Departed/To: 15/11/23 - Stansted Departure Flt No:RYR60

Reg:  EI-EME Type: Boeing 737-8AS/W
MSN: 35029/3254 Operator: Ryanair
Arrived/From: 31/10/23 - Stansted Arrival Flt No: RYR3825
Departed/To: 29/11/23 - Stansted Departure Flt No:RYR782
Picture credit IanG

Reg:  9H-QEE Type: Boeing 737-800/W
MSN: 44819/6815 Operator: Malta Air
Arrived/From: 17/10/23 - Stansted Arrival Flt No: RYR1138
Departed/To: 01/11/23 - Stansted Departure Flt No:RYR1133
Boeing 737 -8AS(WL) 9H-QEE Ryanair
Picture credit James Thomas

Reg:  9H-QEF Type: Boeing 737-800/W
MSN: 44824/6824 Operator: Malta Air
Arrived/From: 02/10/23 - Stansted Arrival Flt No: RYR1133
Departed/To: 17/10/23 - Stansted Departure Flt No:RYR1137
Boeing 737 -8AS(WL) 9H-QEF Ryanair
Picture credit James Thomas

Reg:  EI-EKO Type: Boeing 737-8AS/W
MSN: 35027/3198 Operator: Ryanair
Arrived/From: 30/09/23 - Stansted Arrival Flt No: RYR880
Departed/To: 31/10/23 - Stansted Departure Flt No:RYR2868
Picture credit StuC

Reg:  EI-EMF Type: Boeing 737-8AS/W
MSN: 34978/3256 Operator: Ryanair
Arrived/From: 31/08/23 - East Midlands Arrival Flt No: RYR672
Departed/To: 30/09/23 - Stansted Departure Flt No:RYR1200M
Boeing 737 -8AS EI-EMF
Picture credit James Thomas

Reg:  HZ-FAD Type: Airbus A320-214SL
MSN: 7190 Operator: Flyadeal
Arrived/From: 25/07/23 - Jeddah Arrival Flt No: FAD8125
Departed/To: 28/07/23 - Jeddah Departure Flt No:FAD8528
Picture credit StuC

Reg:  G-TAWW Type: Boeing 737-8K5/W
MSN: 41663/5369 Operator: TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 10/05/23 - Gatwick Arrival Flt No: TOM922P
Departed/To: 09/06/23 - Birmingham Departure Flt No:TOM923P
Picture credit IanG

Reg:  D-ABKM Type: Boeing 737-86J/W
MSN: 37755/3349 Operator: TUIfly
Arrived/From: 09/05/23 - Frankfurt via Birmingham diversion Arrival Flt No: TUI825P
Departed/To: 09/06/23 - Dusseldorf Departure Flt No:TUI823P
D-ABKM-st athan-17052023
Picture credit Matthew Blunt

Reg:  C-FANS re-reg G-TAWS 25/04 Type: Boeing 737-8K5/W
MSN: 37241/4842 Operator: Sunwing, for TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 23/04/23 - Toronto Arrival Flt No: SWG9092
Departed/To: 09/05/23 - Stansted Departure Flt No:TOM972P
C-FANS-st athan-23042023
Picture credit Matthew Blunt

Reg:  D-ASUN Type: Boeing 737-8BK/W
MSN: 33023/1682 Operator: TUIfly
Arrived/From: 17/04/23 - Dusseldorf Arrival Flt No: TUI853P
Departed/To: 03/05/23 - Liege Departure Flt No:TUI810P
Picture credit StuC

Reg:  D-ATUK Type: Boeing 737-8K5/W
MSN: 39094/3641 Operator: TUIfly
Arrived/From: 10/04/23 - Dusseldorf Arrival Flt No: TUI851T
Departed/To: 12/05/23 - Hannover Departure Flt No:TUI916P
Picture credit IanG

Reg:  PH-OYI Type: Boeing 767-304ER/W
MSN: 29138/783 Operator: TUI Airways Netherlands
Arrived/From: 03/04/23 - Amsterdam Arrival Flt No: TFL067P
Departed/To: 24/07/23 - Amsterdam Departure Flt No:TFL068P
PH-OYI - TUI Netherlands 763 @ Saint Athan 03/04/23
Picture credit Angelo Harmsworth

Reg:  G-TAWY Type: Boeing 737-8K5/W
MSN: 37246/3994 Operator: TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 03/04/23 - East Midlands Arrival Flt No: TOM927P
Departed/To: 07/04/23 - Manchester Departure Flt No:TOM971P

Reg:  D-ABKI Type: Boeing 737-86J/W
MSN: 37748/3157 Operator: TUIfly
Arrived/From: 27/03/23 - Dusseldorf Arrival Flt No: TUI831P
Departed/To: 30/03/23 - Dusseldorf Departure Flt No:TUI832P
Boeing 737 -8K5 (WL) D-ABKI Tui
Picture credit James Thomas

Reg:  G-TAWJ Type: Boeing 737-8K5/W
MSN: 38108/4024 Operator: TUI Airways
Arrived/From: 27/03/23 - Bristol Arrival Flt No: TOM979P
Departed/To: 31/03/23 - Glasgow Departure Flt No:TOM921P
Boeing 737 -8K5 (WL) G-TAWJ Tui
Picture credit James Thomas

Reg:  9H-QAD Type: Boeing 737-800/W
MSN: 44813/6751 Operator: Malta Air
Arrived/From: 05/03/23 - Stansted Arrival Flt No: RYR8008
Departed/To: 23/03/23 - Bergamo Departure Flt No:RYR805

Reg:  EI-EBY Type: Boeing 737-8AS/W
MSN: 35006/2886 Operator: Ryanair
Arrived/From: 10/02/23 - Stansted Arrival Flt No: RYR991
Departed/To: 24/03/23 - Stansted Departure Flt No:RYR5656
Picture credit Malcolm Bradbury

Reg:  EI-EGC Type: Boeing 737-8AS/W
MSN: 38492/3099 Operator: Ryanair
Arrived/From: 30/01/23 - Stansted Arrival Flt No: RYR196
Departed/To: 05/03/23 - Stansted Departure Flt No:RYR8007
Picture credit IanG

Reg:  EI-EKE Type: Boeing 737-8AS/W
MSN: 35023/3148 Operator: Ryanair
Arrived/From: 09/01/23 - Dublin Arrival Flt No: RYR440
Departed/To: 10/02/23 - Stansted Departure Flt No:RYR990
Picture credit IanG

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