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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

eCube Solutions 2021

eCube Solutions LLP
eCube Solutions
Based in West Camp hangar 208 from early 2012.  Specialise in 'end-of-life' aircraft projects such as storage, dis-assembly and parts/aircraft reclamation. Some a/c spend time with Cardiff Aviation at Twin Peaks.
The following could be seen in 2021.
For 2012-2020 movements see the Archive section on the sidebar.
Note: After scrapping, sections may be kept for resale, notably flightdecks, many of which are stored on site.

2021 SitRep (current in red, 2021 arrivals in blue) - NO LONGER UPDATED, SEE ECUBE 2022 FOR LATEST

2-ACSF (OK-NEP)  A319  Prague special scheme ..broken up 20/07/21
2-ACSG (OK-NEM)  A319  Czech Airlines ..broken up early 06/21
2-ACSH (OK-NEO)  A319  Eurowings ..broken up late 05/21
2-ACSJ (YL-LCO)  A320  all white ..with Caerdav, was to become SU- with new start-up SkyBird, engines removed c10/21, back in storage
2-ACSL (G-EZEN)  A319  all white ..current, engines removed
2-ACSM (SE-RJR)  B737 ..departed 13/02/21 to KBGR/Bangor, to Argentine Air Force as T-99
2-ACSN (9H-SLA)  A320  all white ..broken up by 04/06/21
2-GGEZ  (G-EZII) A319  easyJet, no titles  ..broken up early 06/21
2-HLBB (HL7557)  B738  JinAir ..broken up early 03/21
2-VIHC (VT-IHC) A320 IndiGo ..stored, now wearing 2-VIHC 12/21 
2-VJGC  B739  Spicejet scrap compound 20/11/21
5B-DCW  A319  Cyprus Airways ..current, engines removed
9H-SLB  A320  all white ..current, storage
B-HSK  A320  Cathay Dragon ..current, engines removed
CS-TTJ  A319  TAP scrap compound 11/21
D-ALAC  A320  Asiana ..broken up by 12/01/21
EC-LQP  A332  Skyteam (Air Europa) ..broken up 21-22/07/21
EC-NIE  A320  Vueling ..current, in storage
EI-CSI  B738  Blue Panorama - Forward fuselage section departed by road 15/12/21 - Scrapped 01/22
EI-GTW (P4-GAS)  B752  Air Astana ..broken up early 03/21
EI-IMT  A319  Alitalia ..current, storage
ER-AXV  A320  Air Moldova ..on Golf Apron
ES-SAQ  A320  TUI (SmartLynx) ..Current, Registration Covered
ES-SAW (ex 2-ACSD, ES-SAW)  A320  all white, stored, re-reg 07/21 and TUI titles applied ..departed 03/08/21 to Tallinn
F-GRHG  A319  Air France  ..broken up week ending 15/10/21
G-BYGC  B744  BOAC, for preservation
G-BYGD  B744  British Airways ..prep for scrap compound
G-BYGG  B744  British Airways ..broken up week ending 15/10/21
G-CIVC  B744  British Airways ..broken up by 13/01/21
G-CIVU  B744  British Airways ..broken up 14-16/04/21
G-EUNB  A318  all white (Titan Airways) ..broken up week ending 15/10/21
G-EUOB  A319  British Airways ..broken up 20/07/21 
G-EUOC  A319  British Airways ..broken up early 06/21
G-EUOD  A319  British Airways ..broken up 23/07/21
G-EUPA  A319  British Airways .. Scrapped 01/22
G-EUPB  A319  British Airways ..broken up 18/11/21
G-EUPC  A319  British Airways ..current, engines removed
G-EUPE  A319  British Airways  ..broken up 04/21
G-EUPF A319 British Airways - Scrapped 01/22
G-EUPH  A319  British Airways ..Scrapped 01/22
G-EZEH  A319  easyJet ..current, Engines Removed
G-EZPG  A319  easyJet ..current, Storage
G-VAST  B744  Virgin Atlantic  ..broken up by 11/01/21
G-XACS (SX-DGV)  A320  Aegean - Scrapped 01/22
G-ZZZA  B772  British Airways/graffiti scrap compound 19/10/21
G-ZZZB  B772  British Airways ..broken up c18/11/21
LY-BFM (TC-SNY)  B738  SunExpress  ..nose only from a/c scrapped at Lasham, first noted 09/20, still present 06/21
LY-BHB (HL7559)  B738  JinAir ..broken-up 19/04/21
LY-BHE (VT-SCA)  A319  Air India ..fuselage departed 24/03/21 by road to NFD at Nuremberg, Germany
LY-BHF (B-MAO)  A319  Air Macau  ..broken up 04-05/21
LY-BHI (OO-SSG)  A319  Brussels Airlines ..broken up by 12/01/21
LY-BHJ (VQ-BKH) A321  Ural Airlines ..broken up early 06/21
LY-BHQ (D-ABKA)  B738  TUI ..broken up early 03/21
LY-BHP (CS-TTC)  A319  TAP ..broken up early 03/21
LY-BHR (EC-MFO)  A319  Iberia ..broken up 19/04/21
LY-BHS (B-HSD)  A320  Dragonair ..broken up 04/21
LY-BHT (EC-MFP)  A319  Iberia ..broken up early 06/21
LY-BHW (ER-AXP)  A320  Air Moldova ..broken up 21/07/21
LY-BJB  (OM-GEX)  B738  Air Explore ..departed 24/06/21 to LHBP/Budapest for return to service ..arrived 22/09/21 from Tallinn as AXA101P for scrapping
LY-BJC (OO-SSK)  A319  Brussels Airlines ..broken up 10/21
LY-BJH (SU-NMD)  A319  Nesma ..current, iIn storage
LY-BJJ (UR-PSN)  B738  Ukraine International
OE-IZR (D-AAAU)  A321  Avianca ..departed 12/08/21 to LERL/Ciudad Real for further storage
OE-IZX  (D-AAAM)  A321  Avianca ..departed 15/09/21 to LERL/Ciudad Real as "OEIZX"
P4-AML (OE-LAW) B763  Austrian Airways ..stored
SX-DGS  A321  Aegean ..broken up 04/21
SX-DGX  A320  Aegean  ..on Golf Apron
SX-EMM  A319  Ellinair ..on Golf Apron
VP-BHF  A319  S7, no titles ..broken up by 01/03/21
VP-BHI  A319  S7 ..broken up 19/07/21
VP-BTQ  A319  S7, no titles ..broken up by 01/03/21
VP-BTU  A319  S7 GJD Services by 04/06/21 for spares recovery
VP-CBJ  A321  Holiday Europe ..departed 10/05/21 to LKPR/Prague for Electra Airlines
VP-CGK (EC-ISN) B738 all white (Air Europa) ..departed 03/06/21 to Miami for freighter conversion
VP-CPW (VT-IHU)  A320  IndiGo  ..broken up 20/07/21
VQ-BIQ  B737  SAS scrap compound c25/11/21, forward fuselage removed 14/12/21
VT-IHW  A320 IndiGo ..broken up week ending 15/10/21
YL-LCL  A320  all white ..broken up 04/21
YL-LCS  A320  SmartLynx ..all white
YL-LCT  A320  all white ..departed 09/07/21 to Eindhoven as TFL077P
YR-BMH  B738  Blue Air (Liverpool c/s) ..broken up week ending 15/10/21
YR-BMI  B738  Blue Air ..broken up early 06/21


2021 Arrivals 

Reg: UR-PSN re-reg LY-BJJ 12/21Type:Boeing 737-86N/W
MSN: 28614 Operator: Ukraine International
Arrived: 15/12/21 Flt No: UAI1919
From: UKBB/Kiev Fate: Current - Storage
Picture credit Jack Kershaw

Reg: G-EZPGType:Airbus A319-111
MSN: 2385 Operator: easyJet
Arrived: 06/12/21 Flt No: EZY9002
From: Stansted Fate: Current - Prepped for Teardown
Picture credit IanG

Reg: SU-NMD re-reg LY-BJH 12/21Type:Airbus A319-132
MSN: 1952 Operator: Nesma Airlines
Arrived: 02/12/21 Flt No: NMA2200
From: HECA/Cairo Fate: Current - Storage
Picture credit IanG

Reg: EC-NIEType:Airbus A320-232
MSN: 1349 Operator: Vueling
Arrived: 01/12/21 Flt No: VLG101P
From: LEMD/Madrid Fate: Current - 1 Engine Removed
EC-NIE - Vueling a320 @ St Athan 01/12/21
Picture credit Angelo Harmsworth

Reg: YL-LCSType:Airbus A320-214
MSN: 0556 Operator: SmartLynx
Arrived: 23/11/21 Flt No: ART9771
From: EETN/Tallinn Fate: Current - Engines Removed
Picture credit IanG

Reg: OE-LAW re-reg P4-AML 12/21Type:Boeing 767-3Z9ER/W
MSN: 26417/448 Operator: Austrian Airways
Arrived: 18/11/21 Flt No: AUA1471
From: LOWW/Vienna Fate: Current - Storage
Picture credit IanG

Reg: 5B-DCWType:Airbus A319-114
MSN: 1129 Operator: Cyprus Airways
Arrived: 05/11/21 Flt No: CYP001
From: LCLK/Larnaca Fate: Current - Teardown Commenced
Picture credit IanG

Reg: EI-IMTType:Airbus A319-111
MSN: 5018 Operator: Alitalia
Arrived: 28/10/21 Flt No: AZA0004
From: LIRF/Rome Fate: Current - Storage
Picture credit IanG

Reg: ES-SAQType:Airbus A320-214
MSN: 0984 Operator: SmartLynx Estonia
Arrived: 12/10/21 Flt No: LYX9999
From: EETN/Tallinn Fate: Current - Storage, Reg Covered
ES-SAQ - TUI (Smartlynx) a320 @ Saint Athan 12/10/21
Picture credit Angelo Harmsworth

Reg: CS-TTJType:Airbus A319-111
MSN: 0979 Operator: TAP Air Portugal
Arrived: 29/09/21 Flt No: TAP9745
From: LPPT/Lisbon Fate: Current - To Scrap Compound 10/11/21
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Reg: OM-GEX re-reg LY-BJB 12/21Type:Boeing 737NG-8AS/W
MSN: 29919 Operator: Corendon Airlines EU
Arrived: 22/09/21 Flt No: AXA101P
From: EETN/Tallinn Fate: Current - Engines Removed
Picture credit Jack Kershaw

Reg: VQ-BIQType:Boeing 737NG-76N/W
MSN: 32738 Operator: SAS
Arrived: 01/09/21 Flt No: VQBIQ
From: Shannon Fate: Current - Scrap Compound 11/21
Picture credit RichT

Reg: D-AAAM re-reg OE-IZX 02/09/21Type:Airbus A321-231SL
MSN: 6294 Operator: Avianca
Arrived: 01/09/21 Flt No: DAAAM
From: EDDH/Hamburg Fate: Departed 15/09/21 to Ciudad Real as "OEIZX" for further storage
Picture credit RichT

Reg: G-EUPCType:Airbus A319-131
MSN: 1118 Operator: British Airways
Arrived: 14/08/21 Flt No: BAW9274
From: Heathrow Fate: Current - Engines Removed
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Reg: G-EUPAType:Airbus A319-131
MSN: 1082 Operator: British Airways
Arrived: 07/08/21 Flt No: BAW9274
From: Heathrow Fate: Current - Teardown Complete, Prep for scrap compound
Picture credit IanG

Reg: G-EUPFType:Airbus A319-131
MSN: 1197 Operator: British Airways
Arrived: 30/07/21 Flt No: BAW9274
From: Heathrow Fate: Current - Scrap Compound 11/21
Picture credit IanG

Reg: OO-SSK re-reg LY-BJC by 10/08/21Type:Airbus A319-112
MSN: 1336 Operator: Brussels Airlines
Arrived: 30/07/21 Flt No: BEL9901
From: EBBR/Brussels Fate: Scrapped 10/2021
Picture credit IanG

Reg: B-HSKType:Airbus A320-232
MSN: 1721 Operator: Cathay Dragon
Arrived: 26/07/21 Flt No: BHSK
From: EHAM/Amsterdam Fate: Current - Prepped for teardown
Picture credit IanG

Reg: F-GRHGType:Airbus A319-111
MSN: 1036 Operator: Air France
Arrived: 22/07/21 Flt No: AFR363V
From: LFPO/Orly Fate: Scrapped 10/2021
Picture credit Jack Kershaw

Reg: G-EUPHType:Airbus A319-131
MSN: 1225 Operator: British Airways
Arrived: 21/07/21 Flt No: BAW9274
From: Heathrow Fate: Current - Scrap Compound 12/21
Picture credit Jack Kershaw

Reg: D-AAAU re-reg OE-IZR 28/07/21Type:Airbus A321-231SL
MSN: 6009 Operator: Avianca
Arrived: 21/07/21 Flt No: DAAAU
From: ETMN/Cuxhaven-Nordholz Fate: Departed 12/08/21 to Ciudad Real
Picture credit Jack Kershaw

Reg: G-EUPBType:Airbus A319-131
MSN: 1115 Operator: British Airways
Arrived: 14/07/21 Flt No: BAW9274
From: Heathrow Fate: Scrapped 11/21
Picture credit Jack Kershaw

Reg: VT-IHWType:Airbus A320-232
MSN: 2997 Operator: IndiGo
Arrived: 28/06/21 Flt No: IGO9450
From: LTFM/Istanbul Fate: Scrapped 08/21
VT-IHW-st athan-28062021
Picture credit Matthew Blunt

Reg: G-EZEHType:Airbus A319-111
MSN: 2184 Operator: easyJet Airline
Arrived: 15/06/21 Flt No: EZY9001
From: Lasham Fate: Current - Engines Removed
Picture credit Jack Kershaw

Reg: OM-GEXType:Boeing 737-8AS/W
MSN: 29919/341 Operator: Air Explore
Arrived: 17/05/21 Flt No: AXE101P
From: UUWW/Vnukovo Fate: Departed 24/06/21 to LHBP
Picture credit Jack Kershaw

Reg: VP-BHIType:Airbus A319-114
MSN: 2028 Operator: S7 Airlines
Arrived: 26/04/21 Flt No: SBI8993
From: UUUD/Domodedovo Fate: Scrapped 07/21
Picture credit IanG

Reg: VP-BTUType:Airbus A319-114
MSN: 1071 Operator: S7 Airlines
Arrived: 26/04/21 Flt No: SBI8989
From: UUUD/Domodedovo Fate: to GJD Services by 04/06/21
Picture credit IanG

Reg: EC-ISN re-reg VP-CGK 04/21Type:Boeing 737-86Q/W
MSN: 30291/1435 Operator: Air Europa
Arrived: 17/04/21 Flt No: AEA007
From: EPWA/Warsaw Fate: departed 03/06/21 to BIKF/Keflavik
Picture credit Ioan Williams

Reg: G-EUNBType:Airbus A318-112
MSN: 4039 Operator: Titan Airways
Arrived: 13/04/21 Flt No: AWC318P
From: Stansted Fate: Scrapped 10/2021
Picture credit RichT

Reg: VT-IHC re-reg 2-VIHC 10/05/21Type:Airbus A320-214
MSN: 2584 Operator: IndiGo
Arrived: 09/04/21 Flt No: IGO9430
From: LTFM/Istanbul Fate: Departed 21/04/22 to LDZA/Zagreb
Picture credit StuC

Reg: SX-DGXType:Airbus A320-232
MSN: 1996 Operator: Aegean Airlines
Arrived: 25/03/21 Flt No: AEE6004
From: LGAV/Athens Fate: Current - Engines Removed
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Reg: ER-AXP re-reg LY-BHW 05/21Type:Airbus A320-233
MSN: 0741 Operator: Air Moldova
Arrived: 03/03/21 Flt No: MLD9015
From: LUKK/Chisinau Fate: Scrapped 07/21
Picture credit Jack Kershaw

Reg: EC-MFP re-reg LY-BHT 21Type:Airbus A319-111
MSN: 998 Operator: Iberia
Arrived: 19/02/21 Flt No: IBE0038
From: LEMD/Madrid Fate: Scrapped 06/21
Picture credit Jack Kershaw

Reg: EC-LQPType:Airbus A330-243
MSN: 526 Operator: Air Europa
Arrived: 02/02/21 Flt No: AEA002
From: LEMD/Madrid Fate: Scrapped 07/21
Picture credit StuC

Reg: VT-IHU re-reg VP-CPW 02/21Type:Airbus A320-232
MSN: 2121 Operator: IndiGo
Arrived: 28/01/21 Flt No: IGO9431
From: LTFM/Istanbul Fate: Scrapped 07/21
Picture credit Jack Kershaw

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