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St.Athan - eCube Solutions

eCube Ltd & eCube Maintenance Ltd

Based in West Camp hangar 208 from early 2012.  Specialise in 'end-of-life' aircraft projects such as storage, dis-assembly and parts/aircraft reclamation. Some a/c spend time with Caerdav at Twin Peaks. eCube now has its own Part.145 approval and specialise in Line Maintenance and Return to Service projects.

The following could be seen in 2023.
For 2012-2022 movements see the Archive section on the sidebar.
Note: After scrapping, sections may be kept for resale, notably flightdecks, many of which are stored on site.

2023 SitRep (Current in Red, 2023 Arrivals with *, Scrap Compound in Green, no longer current in Black

2-UTMH  B738  Fly Egypt ..departed 23/03/23 to Kaunas
5B-DCX  A319  Cyprus Airways - broken-up 22-24/05/23
D-AAAV (HL7713)  A321  Air Busan, all white - departed 23/08/23 to Riga via Bremen for P2F conversion, for SmartLynx Malta as 9H-CGO
*9A-CTI  A319  Croatia Airlines
9H-SLB  A320  all-white - broken-up 24/03/23
C-GYFC  E75S  Flybe - broken-up week ending 24/03/23
C-GYFH  E755  Flybe - broken-up 25/05/23
D-AHFV  B738  TUIfly - broken-up 22-24/05/23
*EI-DIP  A332  ITA Airways (Alitalia scheme) - to scrap compound 24/11/23
EI-HDG  A319  Ural Airlines - broken-up week ending 24/03/23
EI-HJH (TC-ANP)  B738  ex Pegasus - departed 03/03/23 to Shannon
*EI-HKV (A6-EIC)  A320  Etihad
 - re-reg 07/23, Logos removed
ER-AXV  A320  Air Moldova 
F-GMZB  A321  Air France
 - broken-up 25/05/23
F-GRHX  A319  Air France - broken-up 22-24/05/23
F-GRXD  A319  Air France - broken-up week ending 18/08/23
F-GUGI  A318  Air France - broken-up 22-24/05/23
*G-EZAB  A319  easyJet
*G-EZAG  A319  easyJet
*G-EZAI  A319  easyJet
*G-EZAS  A319  easyJet
G-BYGC  B744  BOAC - outer wings removed c16/08/23 - broken-up 23-25/10/23
*G-LSAA  B752  Jet2
G-MIDY  A320  British Airways - broken-up 23-24/10/23
*HL7722  A321  Air Busan, full colours
LY-BKA (D-AKNO)  A319  Eurowings - broken-up week ending 24/03/23
LY-BKK (D-AKNQ)  A319 Eurowings - broken-up week ending 24/03/23
LY-BKL (D-AKNR)  A319  Eurowings - broken-up 01/23 with sections transported to Turkey 
(LY-BKM D-AKNS)  A319 Eurowings - to scrap compound 04/23, unmarked fuselage only
LY-BKU (HS-PGU)  A320  Bangkok Airways - broken-up 22-24/05/23 
LY-BKV (HS-PGV)  A320  Bangkok Airways - broken-up 23-24/10/23
) F-GRXL  A319  Air France - re-reg 02/23 - broken-up week ending 18/08/23
(LY-BKZ) F-GRXM  A319  Air France - re-reg 02/23 - broken-up 21/08/23
*LY-BLY (XU-961)  A321  Lanmei Airlines - re-reg 08/23
LY-BMG  A319  Air Moldova - broken-up 26/10/23
*LY-BMN (ET-ARD)  B737  Ethiopian Airlines, all white, re-reg 11/23
(LY-BMP) HS-PGT  A319  Bangkok Airways - re-reg 07/23 - to scrap compound c06/11/23
*LY-BMQ (HS-PPR)  A319  Bangkok Airways - re-reg 08/23
LY-FBH (VP-CGS)  B738  FlyEgypt ..departed 20/07/23 to Vilnius as MVE497
LZ-DCN SX-DGF  A319  Aegean 22/05/23 - broken-up week ending 18/08/23
LZ-GNN (OO-SNA)  A320  Brussels Airlines (Red Devils) - broken-up week ending 24/03/23
(N294FL) LY-BLK (F-GZHV)  B738  Transavia France, white with painted rudder, re-reg LY- 12/22 & N 10/02/23
*(N945FL) F-GZHN  B737  Transavia France, white with painted rudder, re-reg 06/09/23
*PH-CDF  B738  Corendon 
OK-REQ  A319  CSA - broken-up 22-24/05/23, cockpit departed by road 04/23
SX-DGX  A320  Aegean - broken-up week ending 24/03/23

2023 Arrivals 

Reg:      PH-CDFType:  Boeing 737-804/W
MSN:  28227/452 Operator:   Corendon Dutch Airlines
Arrived:  01/12/23  Flt No:  CND991P
From: Amsterdam Fate:  See Sitrep above

Reg:      9A-CTIType:  Airbus A319-112
MSN:  1029 Operator:   Croatia Airlines
Arrived:  24/11/23 Flt No:  CTN9400
From: Zagreb Fate:  See Sitrep above 
Picture credit Jack Collyer

Reg:      G-EZASType:  Airbus A319-111
MSN:  2779 Operator:   easyJet
Arrived:  21/11/23 Flt No:  EZY9001
From: Liverpool Fate:  See Sitrep above 

Reg:      G-LSAAType:  Boeing 757-236
MSN:  24122 Operator:   Jet 2
Arrived:  15/11/23 Flt No:  EXS757
From: Manchester Fate:  See Sitrep above 
Picture credit IanG

Reg:      HL7722Type:  Airbus A321-231
MSN:  2041 Operator:   Air Busan
Arrived:  13/11/23 Flt No:  ABL6921
From: Seoul via Almaty & Thessaloniki Fate:  See Sitrep above 
Picture credit IanG

Reg:      G-EZAGType:  Airbus A319-111
MSN:  2727 Operator:   easyJet
Arrived:  09/11/23 Flt No:  EZY9001
From: Gatwick Fate:  See Sitrep above 
Airbus A319 -111 G-EZAG
Picture credit James Thomas

Reg:      ET-ARD re-reg LY-BMN 11/23Type:  Boeing 737-7Q8/W
MSN:  30710/2188 Operator:   Ethiopian Airlines
Arrived:  02/11/23 Flt No:  ETH9201
From: Addis Ababa via Cairo Fate:  See Sitrep above 
Picture credit StuC

Reg:      G-EZAIType:  Airbus A319-111
MSN:  2735 Operator:   easyJet
Arrived:  02/11/23 Flt No:  EZY9004
From: Manchester Fate:  See Sitrep above 

Reg:      G-EZABType:  Airbus A319-111
MSN:  2681 Operator:   easyJet
Arrived:  28/09/23 Flt No:  EZY9001
From: Gatwick Fate:  See Sitrep above 
Airbus A319 -111 G-EZAB
Picture credit James Thomas

Reg:      EI-DIPType:  Airbus A330-202
MSN:  339 Operator:   ITA Airways
Arrived:  26/09/23 Flt No:  ITY8020
From: Rome Fate:  See Sitrep above 
Airbus A330 -202 EI-DIP
Picture credit James Thomas

Reg:      HS-PPRType:  Airbus A319-132
MSN:  2467 Operator:   Bangkok Airways
Arrived:  13/07/23 Flt No:  HSPPR
From: Chania Fate:  See Sitrep above 
Picture credit IanG

Reg:      XU-961Type:  Airbus A321-231
MSN:  1794 Operator:   Lanmei Airlines
Arrived:  08/07/23 Flt No:  XU961
From: Phnom Penh-Hyderabad-Muscat-Cairo Fate:  See Sitrep above 
Picture credit IanG

Reg:      HS-PGTType:  Airbus A319-132
MSN:  3421 Operator:   Bangkok Airways
Arrived:  03/07/23 Flt No:  HSPGT
From: Bangkok-Muscat-Pafos Fate:  See Sitrep above 
Picture credit StuC

Reg:      G-MIDYType:  Airbus A320-232
MSN:  1014 Operator:   British Airways
Arrived:  28/06/23 Flt No:  BAW9276
From: Heathrow Fate:  See Sitrep above 
Picture credit IanG

Reg:      A6-EICType:  Airbus A320-232
MSN:  2167 Operator:   Etihad Airways
Arrived:  15/06/23 Flt No:  ETD9753
From: Abu Dhabi via Cairo Fate:  See Sitrep above 
Picture credit Mark Pearce

Reg:      LY-BMGType:  Airbus A319-112
MSN:  2849 Operator:   Air Moldova
Arrived:  24/05/23 Flt No:  LYBMG
From: Verona Fate:  See Sitrep above 
Picture credit Malcolm Bradbury

Reg:      SX-DGFType:  Airbus A319-132
MSN:  2468 Operator:   Aegean Airlines
Arrived:  03/05/23 Flt No:  AEE6002
From: Athens Fate:  See Sitrep above 
Airbus A319 -132 SX-DGF Aegean Airlines
Picture credit James Thomas

Reg:      F-GRXDType:  Airbus A319-111
MSN:  1699 Operator:   Air France
Arrived:  13/04/23 Flt No:  AFR362V
From: Toulouse Francazal Fate:  See Sitrep above 
Picture credit StuC

Reg:      2-UTMHType:  Boeing 737-8GJ
MSN:  34903/2335 Operator:   FlyEgypt
Arrived:  14/03/23 Flt No:  2UTMH
From: Dusseldorf Fate:  See Sitrep above 
Picture credit Kevin Audis

Reg:      VP-CGS re-reg LY-FBH 07/23Type:  Boeing 737-86J
MSN:  32918/1255 Operator:   FlyEgypt
Arrived:  14/02/23 Flt No:  VPCGS
From: Dalaman Fate:  See Sitrep above 
Picture credit Kevin Audis

Reg:      F-GZHN re-reg N945FL 06/09/23Type:  Boeing 737-85H/W
MSN:  29445/186 Operator:   Transavia France
Arrived:  09/01/23 Flt No:  TVF090
From: Perpignan Fate:  See Sitrep above 
F-GZHN-st athan-04022023
Picture credit Matthew Blunt

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